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Vimond Unveils IO Online Video Storytelling Solution and Highlights Live-to-VOD Conversion Tool

Where Vimond IO is a highly portable video editing workflow and storytelling tool, Vimond Highlights provides a streamlined, live-to-VOD conversion process for high-volume, short-form clip production and direct distribution to social media channels

Vimond is launching a greatly improved Vimond IO product that combines the capabilities and features of its two previously stand-alone digital video production tools: Vimond IO - a cloud-based, online video storytelling solution; and Vimond Highlights - the live-to-VOD conversion tool that supports rapid, short-form clip production and immediate publication.

Where Vimond IO is a highly portable video editing workflow and storytelling tool, Vimond Highlights provides a streamlined, live-to-VOD conversion process for high-volume, short-form clip production and direct distribution to social media channels. The integration of features from Vimond Highlights into Vimond IO allows broadcast and online media journalists and editors to create short stories extrapolated from live streams and VOD assets, either for later use or for direct publishing to broadcast, OTT video and social media outlets.

This powerful combination of functionality is more than an editing tool; it’s a truly complete storytelling and editorial workflow solution developed for broadcasters, social media managers and online video publishers. From ingestion to publish, Vimond IO now offers greater creative control and flexibility for multiple use cases within the same organization, while significantly reducing operational expense and increasing segment output.

Introducing the Vimond Rights Manager

Vimond Rights Manager (VRM) allows OTT broadcasters and video publishers to efficiently manage complete content lifecycles, from acquisition to enforcing the rights associated with content encryption DRM, licences and enforceable licensing windows, number of streams, geoblocking and download rights.

Also on display at IBC 2016

Vimond Platform

The Vimond Platform is a feature-rich, broadcast-grade OTT video management solution comprised of a suite of software application engines and modules to help content owners, broadcasters and distributors manage efficient online video services. Its feature set provides an unparalleled level of workflow automation and comprehensive management control. The platform itself is a flexible, highly configurable suite of applications and tools that help users manage all of their video products services and publish to any digital video device.

At its core, the Vimond Platform is comprised of the Vimond Orchestrator and the Vimond Control Center, with additional product modules available as required. Altogether, they include:

? Vimond Orchestrator

? Vimond Control Center

? Vimond Business Center

? Vimond Experience

? Vimond Rights Manager (NEW!)

Vimond Orchestrator (VO) is a powerful workflow engine that controls everything from ingest of videos and metadata to archiving and media asset management to multi-destination distribution and multi-format play-out.

Vimond Control Center (VCC) is the main content management system (CMS) used by a client’s editorial staff to manage content and OTT services. VCC is built on top of Vimond’s Media Platform APIs.

Vimond Business Center (VBC) handles both end-user content authorization and content packaging. It has adapters for multiple payment providers. Additional payment providers can be added as professional services.

Vimond Experience (VE) is a collection of REST-interfaced services, delivering JSON for developers who build services and end-user clients on top of the Vimond Platform. Features include cross-platform playback resume, device management, creation of multiple playlists, likes and ratings, and content flagging for moderation with end-user feedback.

Vimond Rights Manager (VRM) (as mentioned above)

Vimond Connect

Vimond’s first venture into social TV, an area that will be increasingly important to online TV broadcasters and publishers.

With the prevalence of time-shifted TV viewing, programing once enjoyed together at the same each week is now often watched at different times, according to personal choice and schedule. While consumption is now more convenient, time-shifted viewing removes from our entertainment experience the enjoyment of timely discussion of each episode with family and friends. Equally important to the modern social viewing experience is tying communication directly to video content on the screen as the video plays.

Vimond Connect is a new way of socializing around on-demand OTT video content. It gives a viewer the option of commenting and receiving comments from either a public thread or from a selected private network of friends or colleagues. Viewers can directly address the storyline and events precisely when they transpire. By tying comments to the temporal index of the player, viewers have the experience of receiving all comments in real-time as the videos play, as if their friends were commenting in real time, even though they might have watched and commented long ago. Each passing day brings a new layer of comments, reactions and discussions, enriching the experience and keeping the content alive and interesting.

Company Overview

Vimond Media Solutions AS ( develops and markets tools for the new world of TV. Established in 2011 and based in Bergen, Norway, Vimond powers services from world-leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Optus, TV 2, iflix, Abu Dhabi Media and leading broadcasters and service providers globally. We help these companies adapt and grow a rapidly changing digital audience by providing unique technology and expertise.