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Trinity Elementary School Updates Broadcast Studio Lighting with Adorama Business Solutions

New Equipment Allows for Live Production Capabilities and New Curriculum to be Implemented

Trinity Elementary School recently enlisted Adorama Business Solutions, the premier technology resource for corporate, educational, and government institutions, to upgrade its in-house broadcast studio used to produce school announcements and offer production courses to students. Eager to move away from pre-recorded programming toward more sophisticated live production capabilities, Trinity Elementary first revitalized its studio set-up with new, improved lighting equipment.

The new lighting upgrades have enabled live interviews during morning announcements, live panel discussions, and green screen capabilities. It has also helped facilitate projects such as a Blackmagic workflow for live broadcasts of school auditorium productions and live streaming of programming on outlets such as YouTube. In addition, the updates have allowed a new curriculum to be implemented about the different elements of live television production, including classes such as editing, recording, and audio.

After an on-site consultation, Adorama Business Solutions worked with Trinity Elementary School to identify the best lighting gear suited to their needs. Selected equipment included: 12 Astra Bi-Color LED Light Panels, an Astra Bluetooth Communications Module, and a Snapbag Softbox. They additionally provided technical drawings detailing where the new lighting should be placed, as well as recommended power outlet placements to facilitate future upgrade plans for the studio.

Trinity Elementary School utilized Adorama Access, an annual technical support subscription, to provide post-sale email and telephone support. This added level of support ensured that the lighting was set up to enable the type of productions the school wished to produce.

“The Adorama Access team listened carefully to our TV studio aspirations and worked with us to develop a simple yet practical implementation plan based upon our short- and long-term goals,” said Moises Freja, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Trinity Elementary. “As an educator, I needed the assurance that I was receiving expert advice in the industry and adequate support to make the right decision for our next generation TV studio, which students participate as part of our STEAM program. Adorama Business Solutions and Adorama Access made it easy for us not only to decide which AV products to purchase, but more importantly assisted us throughout the decision-making process. We felt assured that we had a team that provided professional support and assistance along the entire implementation process.”

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