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Tiffen Debuts Domke Next Generation Camera Bags

Domke Next Generation bags offer shooters unparalleled customization via the unique, patent-pending GearProtex insert and PocketFlex storage compartment system.

The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning imaging accessories, today announced the availability of its highly-anticipated new collection of camera bags, Domke Next Generation. Built on the core Domke DNA and personality, Domke Next Generation bags offer shooters unparalleled customization via the unique, patent-pending GearProtex® insert and PocketFlex® storage compartment system.

“Domke bags have stuck by photographers’ sides going on 40 years, making Domke Next Generation a natural and exciting progression in the line,” states Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “And they aren’t just any camera bag. These bags have been developed with input and testing from professional photographers to meet and evolve with the growing demands of image-makers in virtually any field. No matter what type of photography is your specialty – be it photojournalism, nature and wildlife, sports, wedding or event - there is a Domke Next Generation bag that will not only work with you, but adapt to your needs along the way. We’re thrilled to see Domke Next Generation hitting the shelves.”

Already an award-winning collection, Domke Next Generation was recently recognized in TWICE’s second annual VIP Awards, taking home an award in the camera accessory category. Domke Next Generation comprises the Journalist, Metropolitan, Viewfinder and Adventurer Series. Each series offers several purpose-driven models, fabrics and colors. Shooters can personalize their Domke bag using the new PocketFlex® storage component system, an ingenious system of pockets, patches and pouches that keep accessories such as lenses safe and secure. The GearProtex® system helps photographers tailor their bags to work best for their needs by creating compartments of any size or shape using bendable, self-adhering separators.

The Journalist Series
With on-the-go photojournalists in mind, the Journalist Series offers press and field photographers the best shoulder bags to protect their gear in run-and-gun situations, including the Chronicle, the Herald and the Ledger. Price range: $269.95 - $349.95

The Metropolitan Series
The sleek Metro Series is perfect for city-goers who tote their photo gear around town and need a durable, yet portable bag to keep up. The series includes the Crosstown Courier and Metro Messenger. Price range: $229.95 - $379.95

The Viewfinder Series
The stylish and lightweight Viewfinder Series, which features Director and Image Maker models, offers traditional shooter’s bags. Price range: $249.95 - $289.95

The Adventurer Series
Small, multipurpose and perfect for travel, the Trekker is Domke Next Generation’s smallest and most lightweight offering. Price: $159.95

Domke Next Generation Options and Pricing
For more information, including model dimensions and specs, materials, colors and pricing, please visit the Domke Next Generation page on

For more information on where to purchase Domke Next Generation bags, visit the Tiffen Dealer Locator:

About Tiffen
Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer of photographic filters, lens accessories, software, and camera accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for 75 years. The company has a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency, and unparalleled quality. Tiffen has been recognized for its product and engineering excellence, earning a Technical Achievement Award and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as multiple Emmy® Awards. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, which include: Tiffen® filters, Steadicam® camera stabilizing systems, Lowel® light, Listec® teleprompters, Tiffen Dfx® digital imaging software, Domke® bags, Davis & Sanford® tripods, Zing® camera covers, Stroboframe® flash brackets, Saunders® professional trimmers, and Kodak Wratten® filters. Tiffen continues to enhance its reputation as a leading imaging accessory manufacturer through aggressive growth in the digital imaging accessory industry.

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