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Thistle Productions Uses Ikegami HDK-77EC Cameras for Sports Broadcasting and Mobile Production

Ikegami helped Thistle Communications to bring their new unit, Senior HD, online in just 30 days by quickly providing them with four new Ikegami HDK-77EC HD native multiformat CMOS cameras.

Before a mobile production truck can get moving, it needs to be fully equipped. Ikegami helped Thistle Communications to bring their new unit, Senior HD, online in just 30 days by quickly providing them with four new Ikegami HDK-77EC HD native multiformat CMOS cameras.

Based in the Northeast, Thistle Communications provides its clients with a one-stop shop - from technical management and system design, to satellite transmission and more -- for a wide variety of broadcast and event production projects. When the company, along with systems integrator Little Bay Broadcast Services, set out to build a small-footprint truck offering maximum production power, getting the cameras right was a top priority.

"The expectations of our clients for superior quality continue to rise," says Jim Thistle, Partner and General Manager of Thistle Communications. "One of the first questions our clients will ask when they want to book a truck is, eWhat cameras do you have?' Having Ikegami onboard helps us to sell it right out of the gate."

Ideal for everything from network sports broadcasting to corporate events, the 35' Senior HD was designed by Thistle Communications and Little Bay to offer world-class video production capabilities in a compact unit. "A smaller production truck provides a more cost-effective solution for our clients," Thistle explains. "Putting high-end equipment on Senior HD makes it competitive with the big guys, however, and that's the reason we chose Ikegami HDK-77EC cameras - they make it a superior truck for its size."

Starting with the first shoot, the outstanding image quality of the Ikegami HDK-77EC cameras have made them indispensable to Thistle and his clients. "Our clients absolutely love the picture quality of the Ikegami cameras," says Thistle. "As we've rolled out Senior HD, we've gotten tremendous feedback on the look they provide. That's exactly what we expected from Ikegami."

Equipped with a high-performance HDTV triax camera adaptor, the HDK-77EC also provides an essential level of flexibility to Thistle Communications. "Versatility was a top priority," Thistle confirms. "To invest in these cameras, we needed to know they would maintain their place in the market for the next 10-15 years. A lot of stadiums are currently triax, but they're looking to upgrade to a fiber backbone. With the adaptor, the HDK-77EC gives us what we need right now, but we'll also be able to keep rolling for years down the road."

Long familiar with Ikegami's commitment to complete customer service, Thistle got reacquainted with the company's extreme support when it provided Senior HD with its new cameras within an extremely tight schedule. "Ikegami's sales team understands the truck market and the immediate need to keep the timeframe -- they came through with flying colors," notes David Raynes, Partner in Little Bay. "Their equipment is truly made for TV production trucks: Ikegami cameras are rugged, well designed, and they can take the abuse of road work. Even after years of getting dropped, bumped and shoved, they still take great pictures."

Thistle Communications has seen heavy demand for HD Senior from the start, as its clients get the performance they demand from this small but mighty truck. "The requirements in the HD market are for the best image quality that you can provide," Jim Thistle concludes. "Ikegami has certainly done that for us."

Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in the Western Hemisphere. With US offices in New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, the Ikegami name is recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras and closed-circuit TV equipment. Ikegami's universal HDTV cameras have been widely accepted by the broadcast industry as it continues the transition to the High Definition Television Format.

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