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Telestream and Leaping Brain Labs Partner to Deliver New Screen-cam Publisher

New system integrates Telestream ScreenFlow software in complete solution for authoring, selling, delivering and presenting software training content

Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced a partnership with Leaping Brain Labs to offer a complete, turnkey publishing solution for video-based software training. Effective immediately, Telestream will offer Leaping Brain Labs' ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution bundle to ScreenFlow customers. Telestream's award-winning ScreenFlow® software is a screen recording and editing solution for Mac users which allows users to create video-based tutorials, training, and software demonstrations. The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution is a complete solution for authoring, selling, delivering and presenting software training content. 

"With ScreenFlow® and the ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution bundle, we feel we now have the best turnkey solution available for companies and individual instructors who want to create and market video-based software training," said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. "We're delighted to be working with Leaping Brain Labs to offer our customers such a unique and powerful solution." 

"For any technology instructor wanting to create and market training products, ScreenFlow® is the world's best solution for screen, video and audio capture, and editing that media together," said Josh Mellicker, UX Designer and president of Leaping Brain Labs. "But there are still several additional elements needed to have a successful technology training product publishing business. The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution includes all of those elements." 

The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution includes technology components, an educational component, and business components, all designed to work together as a turnkey platform to enable companies and software instructors to build a successful software training publishing business. 

Technology components of the ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution include: 
? MOD Publisher, powerful, user-friendly course authoring software 
? MOD Shop, a branded, web-based shopping cart for content sales 
? MOD Player, a desktop player for downloading and presenting content that offers piracy protection for content publishers and a high quality user experience for customers 
? MOD Dashboard, a secure interface for content management, real-time sales reports and other functions 

The educational component is a mini-guide on creating effective learning experiences, producing high-quality software tutorial videos, and modern content marketing techniques. Instructor Josh Mellicker is a pioneer in video-based software training, and the author of best-selling software tutorial video products. 

The business component is comprised of membership to MOD Marketplace, where content is syndicated to a global network of affiliates for wider exposure to potential customers. It also allows content publishers to choose complementary content from MOD Marketplace to augment their courses. 

"These tools combine to provide the ultimate learning experience for our student photographers," said Gregory McKean, Series Producer at Master Photo Workshops. "ScreenFlow allows our student photographers to work with a master photographer, capturing every move in full resolution, while Leaping Brain Labs delivers our workshops to the world." 

"With Leaping Brain Labs, I have a first class online video store which features ScreenFlow tutorials I've created for people in my hand engraving business. My tutorial videos are downloaded by customers worldwide and delivered quickly and efficiently," said Sam Alfano, Master Engraver. "The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution bundle will make the entire process even easier and faster." 

Telestream also announced specials for new and existing ScreenFlow customers. The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution will be offered for free with the purchase of ScreenFlow through October 31, 2012. Existing ScreenFlow customers can purchase the ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution for $89.50 (a 50 percent discount off the $179 list price) through October 31, 2012. 

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