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Telestream Now Shipping Lightspeed K80 Server

The Lightspeed K80 Server utilizes cutting-edge technologies from NVIDIA and Intel to boost video processing and H.264 encoding speeds by up to 60 percent for Vantage media processing platform products

 Telestream®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation solutions, today announced that the new Lightspeed K80 Server is now available from Telestream’s worldwide network of direct enterprise sales and resellers.

The Lightspeed K80 Server utilizes cutting-edge technologies from NVIDIA and Intel to boost video processing and H.264 encoding speeds by up to 60 percent for Vantage® media processing platform products. It offers significant productivity improvements over the previous Lightspeed Servers.

The combination of NVIDIA K80 GPU technology coupled with twin 12-core CPUs provides cutting-edge speed. 2 TB of high-performance media storage is also included. The K80 server supports Vantage version 6.2 or later.

The Lightspeed K80 Server provides high-density transcoding and video processing in an efficient, 1 RU (rack unit) server with minimal space, electrical and thermal footprint requirements. As a part of the Vantage product family, Lightspeed Server can be used alone, clustered to increase capacity, or added to an existing Vantage ecosystem.

Exclusive Lightspeed® technology accelerates Telestream’s award-winning transcoding and video processing, including image scaling, de-interlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, compositing and other compute-intensive tasks for Vantageproducts, such as running the new Tempo time adjustment solution.

Lightspeed is employed by customers such as NRK, the national broadcaster in Norway. One of the key reasons for moving to the Vantage platform with Lighspeed Servers was to boost throughput. For NRK’s online service, the platform must create five different adaptive bitrate versions of each piece of content. NRK set a goal of producing all these versions within 1.5 times the content running time, and with Lightspeed acceleration the system achieves this comfortably with margin to spare.

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