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Streaming Learning Center Releases Streaming Media 101: For Sales and Marketing Professionals

The course teaches new sales and marketing hires the technology and market knowledge necessary to effectively market and sell streaming-related products and services

The Streaming Learning Center today announced a new online course entitled Streaming Media 101: for Sales and Marketing Professionals. The new course teaches sales and marketing professionals new to streaming media the technology and market knowledge necessary to effectively market and sell streaming-related products and services. The course is comprised of about four hours of video lessons with 24 quizzes and two exercises, with a certificate awarded upon completion. The course is available now and costs $149.95.

Commenting on the new course, Streaming Learning Center president Jan Ozer, said "we assume that technical staff needs industry-specific training, but sales and marketing staff face the same steep learning curve of technologies, techniques, acronyms, standards, and workflows. Lacking this knowledge hinders their ability to effectively represent their products and services to prospects, the press, and other influencers."

The course includes about 45 high-level lessons, including instruction on:

  • An overview of VOD and live workflows and industry players and ecosystems.
  • What codecs and encoders are and what they do.
  • Encoding basics like resolution, frame rate, and bitrate control techniques.
  • The difference between standards-based and open-source codecs and the identity and key differentiators of key codecs from both sources.
  • What adaptive bitrate technologies are, how they work, and high-level USPs of HLS, DASH, and CMAF.
  • Key streaming technologies like DRM, QoE, QoS, and Low-Latency streaming, and critical services like CDNs.
  • How to install and use MediaInfo and Bitrate Viewer (MP4 Bitrate Viewer on the Mac).

"Knowledge and perspective learned in this four-hour course," Ozer concluded, "will enable new marketing hires to craft marcom that resonates with prospective buyers and your sales professionals to confidently and effectively present your products or services to prospects and customers."

About the Streaming Learning Center

The Streaming Learning Center offers content and courses that help professionals new to streaming media learn the market, terms, technologies, and best practices, and to teach discrete skills like the installation and operation of the Wowza Streaming Engine, encoding with FFmpeg, and computing and applying objective quality metrics.