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SmartSound Intros FCP X Plug-in

SmartSound has launched a powerful new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, creating a superior workflow for adding and customizing music for video

SmartSound Software Inc., the leader in customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation technology, announced a new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X. This plug-in is designed to take advantage of Final Cut Pro X’s new Generator technology. The Generator technology, initially designed to create an efficient workflow for third party visual-effects products, gives SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro direct access to the Final Cut timeline creating one of the most efficient music workflows in the video industry. SmartSound’s plug-in is the only music creation software plug-in to utilize the Generator technology.

The plug-in utilizes four easy steps to achieve a superior music workflow for visual media creators:

    • 1. Drag a SmartSound Music Placeholder from the Generators section onto the FCPX timeline where you want to add music, and extend it to the desired length.
    • 2. In the Inspector, click the "Generate Music" button to launch Sonicfire Pro as a plug-in.
    • 3. Select or Purchase the music you need inside Sonicfire Pro; the length is preset from the placeholder and Sonicfire Pro allows you to easily customize other aspects of the soundtrack such as the variation and the mood or mix of the track. When ready, click the "Send" button to import your customized soundtrack into FCPX.
  • 4. In Final Cut Pro X, drag the newly imported SmartSound Music Clip onto the existing SmartSound Music Placeholder. There you have several options to manage your new soundtrack with your video.

SmartSound’s plug-in also offers an XML import capability for more detailed work using Sonicfire Pro’s powerful timeline features. 

“This is SO cool!" said Larry Jordan, a leading video industry trainer. "Integrating music with a Final Cut Pro X project has always been a multi-step process. Now, the new SmartSound plug-in for Final Cut Pro X turns it into adding a generator, plus a-fewclicks of the mouse. Poof! Your custom music cue is perfectly timed and sitting happily in the Final Cut timeline."

“SmartSound’s technology is wholly unique in the video industry and it took a while for the right elements to come together for us to create a workflow that would really add value for the Final Cut community” said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. “That finally happened and we are thrilled with the way it
turned out; we were able to create the best plug-in SmartSound has ever made.”

SmartSound’s new Final Cut Pro X plug-in is available from SmartSound for $49.95 US.

It requires Sonicfire Pro version 5.8.3 (not included) and Apple Final Cut Pro version 10.1. Sonicfire Pro v. 5.8.3 is available from SmartSound for $99.95 US.