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Resi and Renewed Vision Announce Partnership, Streaming to Resi from ProPresenter

Today, two global leaders in live event production technology announced a strategic partnership to enable ultra-reliable, high-quality video streaming that has never been more accessible.

Today, two global leaders in live event production technology (Renewed Vision, LLC and Resi Media, LLC [formerly Living As One]) announced a strategic partnership to enable ultra-reliable, high-quality video streaming through Resi's Resilient Streaming Protocol within Renewed Vision's video switching and graphics engine production software, ProPresenter.

Earlier this year, Renewed Vision announced that live streaming to online destinations would be possible as part of their ProPresenter 7.1 update. Today, with 7.3, Resi live streaming will be added to ProPresenter, bringing the renowned reliability of Resi's platform to the hands of tens of thousands of ProPresenter users.

The unmatched reliability of Resi is powered through their patented Resilient Streaming Protocol, or "RSP." RSP is the first live streaming technology that can perfectly stream on public internet connections without the need for expensive networks and IT infrastructure. The protocol provides total protection against video and audio quality loss regardless of network interruptions. Because RSP guarantees complete and error-free video and audio delivery, it can confidently be used for live streaming even over unpredictable networks such as wireless cellular hotspots.

Until now, the only way to take advantage of Resi's benefits was with dedicated hardware that could transmit content through RSP. Today, for the first time, streaming with Resi is now possible without a hardware investment through Resi ProPresenter Stream. ProPresenter will transmit using the same RSP protocol, resulting in a robust streaming experience unmatched by RTMP or other methods.

As added benefits, Resi will also enable easy scheduling and automation to streaming within ProPresenter, along with the ability to reliably simulcast to multiple destinations such as embed codes, Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps, TV apps, and others simultaneously. Additionally, Resi's platform will provide tools like simulated live rebroadcasting, powerful analytics, and more. ProPresenter and Resi will provide a seamless, turnkey live streaming experience -- users can easily switch between multiple inputs, overlay titles, lyrics, and more, and stream to Resi from one single device.

"Our partnership with Renewed Vision has been a natural fit given our common goal of empowering organizations to most effectively reach their audiences," says Paul Martel, CEO of Resi. "We believe Resi ProPresenter Stream is a breakthrough in providing reliable, high-quality, and simple-to-use technology for streaming and we are so excited to get it into the hands of organizations around the world to see how they will use it."

According to Brad Weston, CEO of Renewed Vision, "We're thrilled to begin our partnership with Resi and implement their powerful streaming platform into our software. We have extensive personal experience using their products and services in various productions and can confidently recommend them to our customers. We are excited to work with Resi to make reliable streaming accessible to more people, to bring the wealth of powerful features of ProPresenter to the Resi platform, and to continue innovating groundbreaking production technology tools together."