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Remote Workflows are Here to Stay – Adapt or Perish

Telestream underscores importance of development agility with IABM BaM Award success for GLIM Media Player

“While we are tremendously proud that IABM has honored Telestream  with its BaM Award® for our new GLIM Media Player, it highlights a big issue facing the media industry today. COVID will have a very long term – perhaps even permanent - impact on the way our industry works. Both customers and tech vendors must recognize and respect these fundamental changes in working practices and be agile in their response. This will largely influence whether they thrive or survive in the new media landscape,” comments Scott Murray, SVP Marketing at Telestream.

Murray was commenting after IABM selected Telestream’s new GLIM Media Player as recipient of its prestigious BaM Award® at last week’s BaM Live!™ event. During the pandemic this year, GLIM’s development was fast-tracked based on the remote working experiences of Telestream’s customers and staff.

“In 2021, I believe we’ll see plenty of teams continuing to work remotely as an ongoing, managed offering to employees. In this context, the cloud will be examined for how to accomplish this while at the same time, naturally, there will be continued focus on the economics of cloud-based computing for heavy lifting media workflows,” comments Dan Castles, CEO at Telestream. “A key component of sustainable remote workflows is not to move the media. If someone needs to QC a program master remotely, waiting two hours for it to download is costly and inefficient. This is one of the reasons that we developed our new GLIM Media Player that allows stakeholders to play full resolution media files remotely from anywhere they have an internet connection. Even as vaccines are made available and the pandemic subsides, if companies can save money on travel expenses by not flying every single operator, engineer and supporting equipment to events, they are going to want to do it.”

This year’s 10 IABM BaM Award® winners were selected from an initial field of 121 entries. Stan Moote, IABM CTO and Chair of the BaM Award® judges believes that many of the entries reflected the new pressures imposed by the need for staff to work remotely. “A low latency universal player is the holy grail when working remotely,” Moote comments. “A highly relevant and effective application for use in today's remote post production environment, GLIM offers a real breakthrough for supporting remote workflows.”  

Designed for ingest QC, engineering, master control, news, postproduction, and more,?GLIM enables media professionals to play full resolution, mezzanine grade media files from their centralized storage over the internet from a web browser. 

GLIM was built to solve well known remote work challenges where remote employees waste hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files just so they can be played back. Many collaborative video production applications require transcoding prior to uploading to the site. GLIM allows users to play files immediately, from a browser interface, without any delays caused by transcoding and uploading. It supports playback, frame scrubbing & stepping and display of file properties and metadata. The GLIM playback experience is vastly superior to remote and virtual desktop techniques.

Available now – you can see more information at