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ProAm Intros New Extra-Large Hard Wheeled Carrying Case for Camera Crans and Jibs

The new extra-large case measures 55.5 x 12 x 7.75 inches on its exterior, allowing for comfortable transportation of larger support systems such as ProAm's Orion 8- or 12-foot cranes and Orion Jr. 4-foot crane

ProAm USA, a manufacturer of production equipment for film and video enthusiasts and professionals, recently announced the latest addition to its family of camera crane accessories with the Hard Wheeled Carrying Case for Camera Cranes and Jibs. ProAm carrying cases provide tangible insurance to your toolkit by guaranteeing your tools’ protection, allowing for a consistent crane or jib shot every time.

The new extra-large case measures 55.5 x 12 x 7.75 inches on its exterior, allowing for comfortable transportation of larger support systems such as ProAm’s Orion 8- or 12-foot cranes and Orion Jr. 4-foot crane. The attractiveness of the case’s scratch-resistant aluminum body is matched only by its extreme level of protection, which includes pad-lockable receptacles for added security. For every filmmaker, portability in a carrying case is key, as bulky equipment can often be difficult to transport to any given project location. The hard wheeled case from ProAm USA incorporates wheels and retractable handles into its sturdy design, making it easy to roll onto any set.

The case’s interior comes complete with two flexible, padded dividers to cushion and protect your crane or jib during storage and transport. At only thirty pounds (13.6 kg), the case is lightweight without compromising its durability, allowing you to focus on your project rather than the tricky transportation of your gear.

ProAm USA’s Hard Wheeled Carrying Case for Camera Cranes and Jibs is now available online for the low introductory price of just 199.00 USD. Regular price is 249.00 USD.

Pair Your New Carrying Case with a ProAm Crane or Jib
ProAm offers a wide selection of cranes and jibs to give you a flawless shot sure to please any and all clients, and all are compatible with the new Hard Wheeled Carrying Case. Cranes such as the Orion and the Orion Jr. offer the option of a side-mounted or overslung camera bracket design to add stimulating, realistic angles to your shot. The Telescopium is collapsible and can be readjusted to any height, simultaneously conserving space while providing optimal shooting on all terrains. For a crane featuring a tilt break, a built-in bearing base and smooth bearings at each moving joint, complete with auto-leveling and manual tilt functions, try the Taurus Jr., perfect for DSLR and video cameras up to thirty pounds.

For filmmakers seeking a more comprehensive bundle, ProAm offers a variety of crane packages to meet unique needs. Simply choose your desired crane and additionally receive a crane stand, carrying bag, 7” LCD Monitor with Canon battery adapter plate, battery and charger, and four Velcro cable ties. All cables are included in the package. Just provide the camera and counterweights, and you will have everything you need to shoot at a steeply discounted price.

For more information or to discover more filming solutions from ProAm USA, please visit All ProAm USA products come with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.