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Panasonic Rolls Out Array of New Camcorders and Video Solutions at IBC 2013

New models include ultra wide-angle camera, multi-purpose AVCCAM, HD micro cameras, new 2 M/E switcher, and 4k Monitoring and Recording

Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions is present at IBC ’13 with a wide range of innovating professional camera solutions. The diversity of the new camera technology on display is set to speak to a diverse group of broadcast professionals. Panasonic is showing 4K technology, its first AVC-ULTRA handheld camera and cloud-based wireless workflow implementations. The company also announces its revolutionary Ultra Wide Angle Camera, a multipurpose AVCCAM camera recorder, a 2 M/E live production switcher, new applications for its HD micro cameras as well as some interesting partnerships in AVC-ULTRA storage and visual radio.

4K monitoring and recording
Panasonic announces new details about the BT-4LH310, a 31 inch 4096 x 2160 resolution LCD monitor for unrivalled 4K/2K monitoring in a studio or in the field. The monitor is great for the viewing of rushes in video villages and allows post production facilities to accept more 4K assignments thanks to its great size-to-price value. The 4LH310’s 4K 10-bit IPS panel affords native 4K resolution, a wide viewing angle, and faithful reproduction of up to 1.07 billion colours. The high quality LCD monitor features multiple professional inputs (including HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and HDMI); true colour processing with a 3D look-up table (LUT); HD/SD closed captioning; and an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight.

Further, Panasonic has revealed that it is prioritising the development of the 4KVariCamcamera recorder. The VariCam will be a highly practical camera, featuring options and performance suitable not only for 4K cinema, but also HDTV content production. The camera recorder will support 4K shooting from 24p to 100/120p. To enable even better 4K video productions, the 4K VariCam will be fitted with a newly developed Super35mm size high sensitivity image sensor with 4K resolution. At IBC, Panasonic is also unveiling the development of its new Ultra P2 cards, which have the same form factor as traditional P2 cards, but can reach high speed data transfer thanks to a special PCIe interface.

AVC-ULTRA technology
Proudly, Panasonic announces its first P2 HD handheld camera recorder with integratedAVC-ULTRA recording, the AJ-PX270. The camera recorder offers a wide range of choice between recording bit rates. In addition to AVC-Intra100, the camera has AVC-LongG, which enables long 1920x1080 10bit 4:2:2 broadcast quality recording. The handheld’s two built-in microP2 card slots offer ultimate low cost operation and facilitate data backup. The PX270’s newly designed built-in compact 22x zoom lens covers a broad range of shooting angles from 28mm wide to 616mm tele. The handheld camera also features a wireless production workflow via Wireless LAN and will receive 3G/4G/LTE dongle support for wireless workflow over a mobile network in the near future.

Cloud based production workflow
Via a mobile network, the AJ-PX5000 and AJ-PX270, the first P2 HD camcorder and handheld camera of Panasonic with integrated AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots respectively, can wirelessly transmit proxy video to a cloud server from almost anywhere. A future upgrade will also enable simultaneous transmission whilst recording. These Panasonic cameras enable recorded content to be shared almost instantly and accessed from anywhere via a 3G/4G/LTE dongle, which replaces the traditional video uplink device. This drastically changes the broadcasters’ ENG workflow. To expand its cloud based services in Europe, Panasonic acquired the European-based cloud service provider CAMERAMANAGER ( in July 2013.

Ultra Wide Angle Camera
For broadcast professionals in sports, Panasonic announces the Ultra Wide Angle Camera, which combines four lightweight AW-HE120 HD integrated remote cameras in one system. This camera is capable of producing 180° (64:9) panoramic images in HD quality making it ideal for capturing sports games and events. The camera system features a compact rig for easy transportation and an automatic set-up assistant for camera synchronisation.

Multipurpose AVCCAM camera recorder
Panasonic is presenting a new shoulder mounted Full-HD 1080P AVCCAM camera recorder, the AG-AC8. It features exceptional ergonomics, functionality and reliability making it perfect for a range of professional and semi-pro users that require the best performance in applications such as business seminars and conferences, education, documentaries and nature films, as well as sporting events. The AG-AC8 features simultaneous recording to dual SD Cards, 21x optical zoom and intelligent auto mode (iA) with up to 50x zoom. With dual SD card slots and the capability to record simultaneously, the AG-AC8’s new relay Auto Switch functionality means extended recording is made possible.

Broadcast grade 2 M/E live production switcher
Panasonic brings a new broadcast grade 2-M/E live switcher to IBC ’13, the AV-HS6000. This switcher features a highly compact 3-RU size main frame unit (5.25 inches), provides 32 SDI (HD/SD switchable) inputs and two DVI inputs as well as 16 HD/SD SDI outputs in its standard configuration. It has a 25.7 cm (10.1 inches) touch-operated menu panel (option) and a web server feature enables users to select menu settings via PC through a LAN connection. Furthermore, a Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures excellent expandability. A chroma keyer, which employs the powerful Primatte® algorithm, is also included as standard.

New POV broadcast applications with HD micro cameras
At IBC, two Panasonic HD micro cameras, the GP-KH232E and GP-US932X, will be on display in a new field use setting for point-of-view recording. The cameras will be presented in POV type of shooting for nature/outdoor and sports. The GP-KH232E has a single chip CMOS for high image quality and DSP. It achieves a horizontal resolution of 900 TV Lines, with a required illumination of 2000lx at F5.6. The GP-US932X delivers HD quality with one of the smallest remote 3MOS camera heads thanks to micro prism technology for RGB colour separation and already fully digitises the video signal at the camera head. The GP-US932X features an outstanding performance of 1000 TV Lines resolution and an impressive light sensitivity of 2000lx at F12 (with binning mode enabled).

Interesting partnerships in AVC-ULTRA storage and visual radio
Panasonic has assisted its long-time partner Grass Valley® with the integration of AVC-LongG support. Grass Valley’s newest upgrade to its K2® server products now includes powerful management support for this compression type, which is part of Panasonic’s new AVC-ULTRA codec family of products. Grass Valley’s K2 Summit® and K2 Solo® are now the first broadcast servers on the market to support playout of the AVC-LongG recording format.

The new partnership between Panasonic and VidiGo will also be unveiled at IBC. This cooperation will see the integration of Panasonic’s remote cameras with VidiGo Visual Radio. VidiGo uses a combination of automatic camera switching, dynamic digital video effects (DVE) and graphic overlays with real time updates and audio control. This partnership enables radio stations to fully automate their visual radio show. An integrated solution will be demonstrated during the fair.

All of these new professional camera solutions will be on display at the Panasonic IBC booth, #9.C45, from 13 till 17 September 2013. IBC 2013 is held at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam. For more information on all of this news, please