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PRL Lighting Debuts LUSTRA 50 LED Panel Fixture

The LUSTRA 50 provides high-intensity output for continuous, full-spectrum lighting in a variety of situations

PRL Lighting, provider of premium LED lighting for professional and amateur photographers and videographers, has unveiled its new product line. Founded by industry leaders Rudy Pohlert and Pat Ralston, PRL's first offering is the LUSTRA 50 high performance LED panel fixture. The LUSTRA 50 provides high-intensity output for continuous, full-spectrum lighting in a variety of situations.

The LUSTRA 50 combines LED surface mount technology (SMTs) and engineered TIR optics with an integrated dimmer and a simple, ergonomic design to deliver optimal intensity and full dispersion of light across the color spectrum.

Continuous light allows photographers to make real-time adjustments to lighting setups, eliminating the guesswork involved when using strobes and flash. Portraits, wedding, food, beverage, product stills, and corporate imagery all benefit from the “what you see is what you get” technique of continuous lighting.

“Our primary objective for launching PRL Lighting is to enable photographers and videographers to capture superior images,” noted Pohlert. “Full dispersion of light across the spectrum, high output, ergonomics­­­­­––every choice we have made has been in service of the creative vision. The LUSTRA 50 fills the need for a high-quality, reliable source for dimmable, flicker-free continuous lighting.”

The LUSTRA 50 offers a full 100% dimming range, powered by an internal microprocessor, guaranteeing a completely flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle. Each fixture is paired with a dedicated 12V power supply and incorporates circuitry for portable power via a Sony NPF L-series 7.2V DV battery.

Optional PRL Accessories include the LUSTRA 50 SofBox™, which expands the photographer’s tool kit by offering a wrap-around look with a single fixture when used as the key light source, and by creating separation or providing fill and edge lighting when used as a secondary source. The LUSTRA 50 FilterSet™, consisting of three distinct filters, may be used to improve the color rendition and quality of images.

“The LUSTRA 50 augmented with a SofBox or FilterSet is the perfect complement for photographers shooting static in-studio or on location, capturing video, or shooting news on the go,” added Ralston. “We are excited to bring this first product to market and look forward to advancing lighting technology for artists across many disciplines.”

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About PRL Lighting
PRL Lighting was founded in 2016 by Rudy Pohlert and Pat Ralston, 30-year veterans of the motion picture and photography industries. With a passion for engineering, they have pioneered LED lighting for motion pictures and television. PRL Lighting was formed to meet the need for flexible, portable, high-performance LED panels designed for photographic use. For additional information about PRL Lighting, visit