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PHYX Releases Defocus DoF Simulation Plug-in for FCP X and 7, Motion 5, and After Effects

GPU-accelerated PHYX Defocus effects accurately simulate depth of field, bokeh, tilt-shift, rack-focus, and more; available in FxFactory 3

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces PHYX Defocus to its line of plug-ins available on FxFactory 3. PHYX Defocus effects accurately simulate depth of field, bokeh, tilt-shift, rack-focus and more. The GPU-accelerated suite is compatible with Final Cut Pro® X and 7, Motion 5 and After Effects®. Offered at $49 USD, users can learn more about PHYX Defocus here.

PHYX Defocus feature highlights

Chroma Aberration

Editors can simulate chroma aberration - the imbalance of RGB color channels that can occur with camera lenses.

Fast Defocus

This effect can be used to simulate ‘bokeh,' or out-of-focus lens effects. Editors can create depth of field with the use of a depth mask, rack-focus effects, and more.

Pan / Tilt

A popular effect used in many motion pictures and music videos, users can create a tilt-shift setup for still and motion picture cameras, with smooth, defocused gradients.

Vignette Vision

With two effects options, editors can defocus either the outer edge or the center of the image. Defocusing the outer edge simulates POV shots, vintage lenses and more. Defocusing the center of the image allows editors to censor images, create hallucinations, etc.

More Information on PHYX Defocus