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Next-Gen Mercalli V5 Suite for EDIUS Saves Critical Production Time

Real-time Video Stabilization and Automatic Image Optimization

proDAD Mercalli is the tried & true proven solution for video stabilization and image optimization relied on by professionals and enthusiasts alike for its fantastic results and ease of use.  The new Mercalli V5 suite for EDIUS takes things to a new level with features like real-time video stabilization for lightning-fast results without the need to first analyze a clip, new Content-Aware Fill option to intelligently fill out borders, a new ‘Fixed Camera’ stabilization profile to make over the shoulder stand-up interviews totally stable and a totally new companion plugin…proDAD Picture Enhanzr, which automatically balances and enhances color and brightness throughout a clip in real-time, all within the EDIUS timeline.

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro users can now quickly and efficiently correct and enhance clips to save valuable production time with the Mercalli V5 Suite of plugin tools, and the suite will also be available for Adobe Creative Cloud, Magix Vegas Pro, Corel, and Cyberlink NLEs too.  The EDIUS suite includes:

  • Mercalli RT Stabilizer – A completely new real-time engine allows the Mercalli RT Stabilizer plugin to quickly correct camera-shake and simple rolling-shutter distortion without needing an analyzation pass and includes a brand new ‘Fixed Camera’ profile for rock-steady stand-up interviews and other over-the-shoulder shots and Content-Aware Fill option to fill empty borders with content.
  • Picture Enhanzr – Complementing the Mercalli RT plugin is the Picture Enhanzr tool which automatically corrects & normalizes brightness, dynamics, and color saturation in real time across and entire clip and allows for manual fine-tuning too…all within EDIUS Pro.
  • Mercalli Stabilizr PRO & CMOS-fixr for EDIUS – Mercalli V5 brings enhanced correction possibilities for problem clips which need not only stabilization but also wobble & jello correction of CMOS distortions, complete with enhanced rolling-shutter correction. 
  • Mercalli V5 SAL+ Stand-alone application – The legendary Mercalli SAL application for Windows is better than ever with enhanced performance and correction results for the most extreme clips which can’t be corrected with the plugin due to limitations on how plugins work. When all else fails, Mercalli V5 SAL+ to the rescue!

Get an amazing deal through December 31, 2019

The new Mercalli V5 Suite for EDIUS is already an incredibly valuable suite of tools but we’re sweetening the deal with an extra 20% off.  Upgrade for as low as $159 or buy the full suite for $319 but only through December 31, 2019.  Download the free trial and learn more at