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Next Computing Intros Vigor EDS 4K Workstation

Rugged portable workstation with support for Ultra High Definition (3840x2160, 16 million colors) features powerful performance and portable form factor

NextComputing’s Vigor EDS workstation is now available with up to 4K resolution on its integrated display and optional 2nd fold-out monitor. This is the only rugged portable workstation with support for Ultra High Definition (3840x2160, 16 million colors), and combined with its powerful performance and portable form factor, the Vigor EDS is the perfect deployable workstation for graphically demanding jobs in any environment.

With its rugged dual-chassis design, the Vigor EDS brings workstation-class performance into the field. On the inside, it features single or dual Intel Xeon and Core i7 processors, up to 512GB RAM, and up to 16 hot-swappable hard drives. For getting the most from the 4K displays, it has up to 7 full-length PCI Express expansion slots for the latest ultra-high-end graphics cards.

Key features include:

  • Imagery Analysis – Whether reviewing images, video or both, the fine detail and expanded workspace provided by 4K resolution across multiple monitors allows for a more efficient workflow. Analysts deployed in any environment now have direct access to one of the most powerful visual workstations on the market to quickly process imagery from UAVs, satellites, or any number of sources.
  • Simulation and Training –The high-resolution, high-performance output from the Vigor EDS provides for a smoother, more realistic environment, either via the 4K displays or for VR applications.
  • And Much More – Any graphics-based applications where multiple, dense sets of information are processed and visualized will greatly benefit from the performance of the Vigor EDS and the level of visual detail provided by 4K output.

The Vigor EDS is built and customized for the user’s specific job demands, and to create new workflow possibilities. Visit to learn more, or email NextComputing at to let us build a system to meet your needs.

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NEXTCOMPUTING is a computer hardware manufacturer specializing in high-performance portable and “small-footprint” systems for customers in a variety of markets. Our systems are used in a range of industries to run high-end applications, including network traffic analysis, real-time broadcast graphics, military intelligence gathering, and 3D medical imaging. In addition to our unique products, we offer a complete suite of services that can add value to your business: whether it’s enhancing your system with eye-catching colors and logos, managing complex hardware configurations and changes with our in-house manufacturing processes, helping you bring your products to market more quickly by assisting with software testing and new product introduction, or personalized support for your specific application, NextComputing can be your one-stop manufacturing and support partner to help your business grow.