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New Cloud Service Centralizes Configuration and Monitoring of Epiphan Devices

Epiphan Video unveils a new cloud service, coming this fall, that centralizes configuration and monitoring of Epiphan devices.

Managing multiple video streaming and recording devices is about to get easier for AV teams who use Epiphan Video hardware.

Coming this fall, Epiphan Cloud will centralize configuration and monitoring of Pearl and LiveScrypt systems through a customizable, cloud-based interface built for collaboration.

“There are many customers who’ve deployed dozens of our devices – schools, live event production firms,” says David Kirk, Epiphan’s VP of marketing. “Epiphan Cloud will really streamline their workflows with new capabilities that allow for much more efficient administration.”

At launch, Epiphan Cloud features will include:

  • Cloud-based configuration and monitoring to save time on device management, troubleshooting, and other key tasks
  • Convenient batch actions (e.g., multi-device firmware upgrades) and the ability to predefine streaming destinations for quick application to any device
  • An alerts system that immediately notifies users of production issues for fast resolution

“We have a lot more planned for Epiphan Cloud as a platform,” says Kirk. “More control over devices and options for UI customization, even looking into how users can leverage AI and machine learning on local hardware.”

Epiphan Cloud will replace the company’s existing cloud service, AV Studio. While Epiphan Cloud will share many AV Studio features, AV Studio’s post-production tools won’t make the transition.

Kirk explains, “Our goal is to dedicate development resources to features customers have told us matter most. Those are things like centralized monitoring and batch actions that you’ll see with the release of Epiphan Cloud.”

To learn more about Epiphan Cloud’s capabilities, visit

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