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New 1 Beyond AutoFinder Camera for Locating Wireless Handheld Mics

1 Beyond AutoFinder camera automatically finds any handheld microphone equipped with a 1 Beyond MicLocator unit and adjusts to show the person holding it

1 Beyond, Inc., a leading manufacturer of automated camera and video systems, announces the 1 Beyond AutoFinder™ camera which automatically finds any handheld microphone equipped with a 1 Beyond MicLocator™ unit and adjusts to show the person holding it.

Using patent-pending beam-finding technology, the AutoFinder camera’s embedded secondary locater camera constantly scans for and detects active 1 Beyond MicLocator units without being distracted by sunlight or other light sources. It is ideal for audience Q&A, panel discussions, informal meeting spaces and any other situations where a microphone may be passed around.

The AutoFinder camera can work with multiple microphones in the same room.  It can be set to detect and frame all of the active MicLocator units or show only the one which was active first or last.  If a person holding a microphone being tracked moves, it will adjust automatically.

With high quality video up to 1080p60 via HD-SDI, DVI or USB 3.0, the AutoFinder camera can be used with popular video conferencing codecs and capture appliances.

AutoFinder cameras can also be added to 1 Beyond Automate VX solutions, which use multiple cameras to cleanly switch among active speakers. Incorporating an AutoFinder camera makes it possible to auto-switch between people using handheld mics and others whose audio is being captured by desktop, discussion or ceiling array microphones such as the Shure MXA910.

 “1 Beyond offers award-winning automated camera tracking and switching technology,” said Terry Cullen, CEO & Founder of 1 Beyond. “We’re proud to now have a solution that enables automated production with a roving microphone since this has been the most frequent request from schools, corporations and government organizations.”

AutoFinder cameras can be PoE+ powered for easy installation and offer h.264 streams for monitoring. Standard VISCA commands can be used with third party controllers.

The 1 Beyond AutoFinder camera is $6,995 MSRP and is available immediately. MicLocator units start at $795.  More information is available at

About 1 Beyond, Inc.

1 Beyond is a leading manufacturer of automated camera and video systems. In addition to the award-winning AutoTracker™ and AutoFramer™ PTZ cameras, 1 Beyond also provides systems for streaming, recording, conferencing, archiving and storage. Known for innovation and automated systems, 1 Beyond offers high reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-end alternatives.