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Ncam Launches Mk2 Connection Box for Real-Time Camera Tracking

Modular Design Works with Any Server, at Any Distance; Silent and Small for Unmatched Flexibility

Today, Ncam announces the immediate availability of its new Mk2 Connection Box, a lightweight and silent production device that enables filmmakers, broadcasters and more to link Ncam’s advanced camera tracking barto any compatible server, locally or remotely.

By eliminating the need to attach a server directly to the camera, the Mk2 Connection Box makes the Ncam setup significantly lighter – lowering the physical barriers to help teams utilize the same cutting-edge camera tracking technology used on The Witches, the Fortnite World Cup and viral graphics for The Weather Channel.

“No one wants to be tied down when they are getting their shot; with the Mk2 Connection Box, you don’t have to be,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “You just put the Connection Box on your camera or belt, link it to your server with a lead tether, ethernet or fiber, and your capture space is basically unlimited. There’s nothing else like it.”

Seamlessly integrated with Unreal Engine, the Ncam Reality system includes the Mk2 Camera Bar, Mk2 Server and Ncam Reality software, which work together to blend live action and CG content in any indoor or outdoor environment, regardless of camera, lens or rig.

Armed with the Intel Atom chipset, the new Mk2 Connection Box has the onboard processing power to support third-party hardware, including smart lens and follow focus systems, ensuring Ncam sensor data, camera and lens metadata integrity. Additional benefits include:

More Camera Friendly

At just 400 grams, the Mk2 Connection Box is incredibly light. When used to replace a camera-bound server, cinematographers will automatically find better balance and image stability when they’re shooting handheld or with stabilized mounts.

Lower System Cost

Since the Mk2 Connection Box works with any Ncam-compatible server, users no longer have to buy the Mk2 Server option, unlocking a more accessible way to take advantage of Ncam’s advanced camera tracking technology.

Compatibility with Smart Accessories

The new Ncam Connection Box will also enable plug-and-play compatibility with smart lenses and follow focus devices from ZEISS, ARRI, cmotion, Teradek and Tilta, making it even more appealing to camera operators working in film, broadcast and live events.

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Pricing and Availability

Ncam Mk2 Connection Box is shipping now. For all upgrade paths, contact Ncam at:

About Ncam

Ncam are the creators of Ncam Reality, the most advanced real-time camera tracker in the world. From Star Wars to the Super Bowl, Ncam Reality is used throughout the broadcast, film and live events industries by some of the biggest brands in the world to visualize photorealistic graphics in real-time. Customers include: Amazon, CNN, Disney, ESPN, Netflix, the NFL and Sky TV.