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MediaWorkstation Debuts New Line of Workstations, Portables, and Servers for Content Creators was founded with the sole aim of helping studio teams, designers, and VFX artists design reliable, production-proven computer hardware optimized for customers' specific workflow demands ( is making its industry debut this week, offering a new approach to meeting the needs of content creators with application-matched workstations, portables and servers. Started by a team of media professionals and computer hardware experts, was founded with the sole aim of helping studio teams, designers, and VFX artists design reliable, production-proven computer hardware optimized for customers’ specific workflow demands.

“At, we approach our customers’ creative requirements differently. Each mediaworkstation or server we build is custom-built, component by component, based on your needs, not on what we want to sell you,” said Christopher Johnson, president and founder of “We understand the extraordinary challenge of creative excellence, and the dramatically negative impact the wrong hardware can have. With our unique ability to deliver - not the latest, but what’s next in hardware componentry, we allow teams to defy creative obstacles, expand project scope and liberate their workflows at a fraction of the cost.”

The Offering works closely with its customers to design and discern the exact workstation or server needed, with hardware componentry matched to users’ specific CPU-, GPU- or storage-intensive requirements. content creation workstations, servers and portables are rigorously sourced and optimized for the applications most important to its customers, including

  • Avid,
  • Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Davinci Resolve,
  • Nuke,
  • Cinema 4D,
  • 3ds Max,
  • Maya,
  • Arnold,
  • V-Ray,
  • OctaneRender,
  • Redshift and many more. offers a line of systems including:

  • Workstations for Content Creation: offers workstations optimized for performance and reliability and that exceed the requirements for VFX, CGI, animation, VR and XR, ultra high resolution editing and more, liberating and boldly empowering artists’ creative capabilities.
  • Portables: We offer high powered, rugged and reliable Portables optimized for filmmakers, DITs, DoPs, colorists - any artist working in unforgiving on-set environments where speed, accuracy, mobility and final results are paramount.
  • Servers and Storage: understands the extraordinary challenges required of studios and content creation teams, working in larger, distributed environments, and whose server and storage needs are scalable, as much as they are performance and reliability driven.

Johnson continued, “We realize that we’re offering a new approach to solving the workflow issues facing content creators today. This is why we encourage studio teams and artists to contact us, share with us the issues they’re facing, and experience what we describe as ‘What’s Next’ in content creation systems.

We understand that your job is to create. You are immersed in the world of Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, Avid, V-Ray, Octane, and Davinci Resolve. We live here too, and that makes all the difference. We are in the studio, in the edit bay - we are artists and engineers just like you. We’re bringing a new approach, one you’ve never experienced before. We also understand that you want your time back. You want to eliminate obstacles and distractions, so you can focus on creating. We design and deliver systems that do just that for you.”

Pricing and Availability custom systems and components options are on the company web site and available immediately, with pricing dependent on the final build.

For more information, or to design a new workstation, server or portable system, please visit

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About is a team of computer hardware experts, artists and media professionals based in Los Angeles. We formed in 2010 to offer you - studio teams, VFX artists, designers and content creators - exceptional hardware solutions for the work you do. We understand the extraordinary commitment required for creative excellence. We understand the primary challenge to this commitment is time - a threat which grows exponentially with poorly-sourced and underpowered hardware. It undermines your project scope, team capabilities and the creative process itself. Our mission and purpose is to liberate and boldly empower your creative capabilities. We do this by sharing our deep understanding of computer software, and by providing what’s next in hardware componentry optimized for content creation. We help you discern and design the most reliable, production-proven systems to liberate your productivity and inspire new realms of creative possibility. For more information, or to explore systems designed for the work you do, please visit