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Marshall CV368 Captures Unique Perspective for Bridge II Sports’ Valor Games Southeast 2022 3-On-3 Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Live Stream

Compact Global Shutter Camera with Genlock Offers Broadcast Quality Video Performance With Simultaneous Output Formats

The 2022 Bridge II Sports’ Valor Games Southeast 3-on-3 wheelchair basketball tournament recently took place and was live streamed thanks to Leading Edge Multimedia and its CEO and founder, David Anderson. Anderson turned to the CV368 Compact Global Shutter Camera with Genlock from Marshall Electronics, to capture the action of the competition.

Anderson first heard of Marshall through an industry colleague. “After speaking with my friend, I emailed Marshall and was really impressed by the quick response I received from Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras at Marshall,” says Anderson. “Tod sent a camera for me to test and as soon as I tried it, it knocked my socks off. I knew I needed Marshall in my inventory. Ever since, I have looked to use Marshall products whenever possible and knew my CV368 would be ideal to provide a unique perspective above the backboard for this wheelchair basketball tournament.”

Bridge II Sports creates opportunities for youth, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities to ‘Find the Player Within’ through the power of adapted sports. The non-profit organization believes that sports empower and change lives on and off the court and challenge perceptions of disability in the community. The tournament included veterans and service members with disabilities as well as non-veterans/service members with physical disabilities taking the court in spirited competition and camaraderie.

“The team at Bridge II Sports originally contacted me looking for a one camera live stream,” adds Anderson. “When I arrived on-site and realized how incredibly important this event was and how amazing all of the people involved were, I knew I needed to pull out all the stops. With only two weeks to prepare, I ended up utilizing four Marshall cameras.”

The CV368 POV camera offers an impressive 1/1.8” Global Shutter 3.2MP sensor and 25 percent larger pixel size, for ultra-fast, low latency capture even in challenging light environments. The CV368’s powerful Global Shutter sensor with Genlock (signal-sync), produces crystal clear images for a variety of applications. The CV368 flexible CS lens mount (lens sold separately) makes this the most capable POV camera in the compact camera lineup.

“The Marshall CV368 really shined because it is so small yet so powerful,” says Anderson. “Due to its size, it was less likely to be impacted by a ball since it was placed over the top of the backboard. I was expecting to use that angle three or four times a game, but I used that shot probably close to 300 times over the course of the tournament. It was my go-to since all the action happens under the net.”\

Anderson also found the CV368 to excel in other ways. According to Anderson, “Marshall blows the competition away in every aspect, especially challenging light situations. Using Marshall allows me to be very portable due to its small footprint, but also with amazing image quality. Nothing can compete especially for live streaming.”

Bridge II Sports founder and CEO Ashley Thomas was also very appreciative of Anderson and his Marshall cameras. “David (Anderson) stepped up in an incredible way and let us show people wheelchair basketball,” says Thomas. “David’s idea to use the tiny Marshall camera on top of the backboard was a game changer. That little camera allowed our live stream to put viewers in the middle of the action and really engage with the audience. The images were so incredibly vibrant. It was wonderful.”

About Marshall:

For over 40 years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable video, audio and multimedia systems for broadcast, pro A/V, pro audio, UCC and OEM applications worldwide. Marshall is dedicated to supplying hi-tech markets with innovative cameras, format converters, monitors, switchers and production equipment at great value without sacrificing quality or reliability. 


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  2. The2022Bridge II Sports’Valor Games Southeast3-on-3 wheelchairbasketball tournamentrecentlytook placeandwaslive streamedthankstoLeadingEdge Multimedia anditsCEO and founder, David Anderson.Anderson turned to theCV368Compact GlobalShutterCamerawithGenlockfromMarshall Electronics,tocapturethe actionofthecompetition.Anderson first heardof Marshall through anindustrycolleague.“After speaking with my friend,I emailedMarshalland wasreallyimpressedby thequickresponseIreceivedfrom Tod Musgrave,Director of Cameras atMarshall,” says Anderson.“Todsent a cameraforme to testandas soon asItriedit, itknocked my socks off. IknewIneeded Marshallin myinventory.Eversince,Ihavelookedto useMarshallproductswhenever possibleand knewmy CV368 would be ideal toprovide a unique perspective above the backboardforthis wheelchairbasketballtournament.”Bridge II Sports creates opportunities foryouth, adults, andveterans with physical disabilities to ‘Findthe PlayerWithin’ through the power of adapted sports.Thenon-profit organizationbelievesthatsportsempowerandchangelives on and offthe courtand challengeperceptions of disabilityinthecommunity.Thetournamentincludedveteransandservice members withdisabilitiesas well asnon-veterans/service members with physicaldisabilitiestaking the court inspirited competition and camaraderie.“The team atBridge II Sportsoriginally contacted melooking for a one camera live stream,”adds Anderson.“WhenIarrivedon-site and realized howincredibly importantthis event was and how amazingall of the peopleinvolvedwere, I knew Ineeded topullout all the stops. With only two weeks to prepare, I ended uputilizingfour Marshallcameras.”TheCV368POV cameraoffersan impressive 1/1.8” Global Shutter 3.2MP sensor and25percent larger pixel size,for ultra-fast,low latency capture even inchallenginglightenvironments.TheCV368’spowerful Global Shuttersensor with Genlock (signal-sync),producescrystal clear imagesfor a variety of applications.The CV368 flexibleCS lens mount (lens soldseparately) makes thisthe most capable POV camerain the compact camera lineup.“TheMarshallCV368reallyshinedbecauseit is so smallyet so powerful,”saysAnderson.“Due toits size, itwasless likelytobeimpacted byaballsince it wasplacedover the top of the backboard.I wasexpectingto usethatanglethreeorfourtimes a game,butI used that shot probablyclose to300 times over the courseof thetournament. It wasmy go-tosince all the actionhappens under thenet.”Anderson alsofoundthe CV368 to excelinother ways.According to Anderson,“Marshall blows the competitionaway in every aspect,especiallychallenginglightsituations.UsingMarshall allows me tobe very portabledue toitssmall footprint, but alsowithamazingimage quality. Nothing can competeespeciallyforlive streaming.”Bridge II Sports founder andCEO AshleyThomas was also very appreciative of Anderson and his Marshallcameras.“David(Anderson)stepped up in an incredible way and let us show people wheelchairbasketball,”saysThomas.“David’sideatouse thetinyMarshall camera on top of thebackboardwas a game changer. That littlecameraallowed our livestream toput viewers in the middle of the actionand really engage with the audience.The images were soincrediblyvibrant.It was wonderful.”
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    MarshallCV368Captures Unique Perspective forBridge II Sports’Valor Games Southeast2022 3-On-3WheelchairBasketball TournamentLiveStream/Page 2About Marshall:For over 40years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable video, audio and multimediasystems for broadcast, pro A/V, pro audio, UCCand OEM applications worldwide. Marshall isdedicated tosupplyinghi-tech markets withinnovative cameras,format converters, monitors, switchers and productionequipment at great value without sacrificing quality or reliability.Formore information, of CamerasMarshallElectronics(800) 800-6608