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The pay-as-you-go MASV 2.0 features a complete overhaul of the core MASV infrastructure, improved speed and security, new MASV portals (beta), and a variety of other customer requested features is excited to introduce MASV 2.0, the new version of its fast file transfer service for massive files. Optimized for the needs of today’s video professionals and others moving massive files, the pay-as-you-go MASV 2.0 features a complete overhaul of the core MASV infrastructure, improved speed and security, new MASV portals (beta), and a variety of other customer requested features. Also new is an offer of 100 GB of additional data for free to test MASV 2.0 (

“We launched MASV 1.0 back in February 2017 and were thrilled by the response we received from video editors, enterprises, and broadcasters across the world. MASV is providing a better way for transferring large files over the internet,” said David Horne, VP of Product at “Our goal was to create the easiest way to quickly transfer massive files. With MASV 2.0 we believe that vision is fully realized.”

MASV is pay-as-you-go, requires no plugins or software, is firewall friendly, has no file size limits, and is capable of sending as fast as your connections can handle consistently.

Enterprise-grade reliability, rock solid security, and faster transfer speeds.

MASV 2.0 includes:

  • New! Fast File Transfer infrastructure - With version 2.0, MASV has been deployed on Microsoft Azure, leading to dramatic improvements in reliability and security, while maintaining our consistently exceptional performance for both uploads and downloads.
  • Improved! Faster File Transfers - MASV 2.0 is now capable of supporting uploads at up to 800 Mbps and downloads through the browser at speeds up to 400 Mbps. Workarounds exist to enable faster downloads so please reach out to if required.

  • Improved! Superior Reliability - MASV 2.0 has posted the best results of any of our reliability tests to date, with thousands of stress tests from all over the world resulting in a 0% failure rate for undelivered packages on our new system.
  • New! Global Server Infrastructure - MASV 2.0 is supported by the deployment of new servers worldwide to better serve customers in key digital media regions including Washington, San Jose, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

  • New! Dynamic Zip Format - MASV 2.0 has been optimized to create the correct .zip format depending on the target operating system the recipient is downloading on. If you have dealt with zip formats before you understand that windows users cannot always share large files in zips with macOS users. MASV solved this issue and creates the correct zip file type dynamically so you don’t receive errors when extracting.
  • New! Feature: 50 Downloads per Delivery - Based on customer feedback MASV has increased the number of downloads per delivery from 5 downloads to 50 downloads.
  • New Beta Feature: Brandable Upload Portals to Receive Files - MASV 2.0 includes a new feature called MASV Portals. Portals are brand-able upload forms with personalized subdomains. Portals are used to receive files from your counterparts in the field which is useful for both Broadcasters and Post-houses alike. Portals are billed the same way as sending files through MASV at $0.15 per GB charged to the portal account owner (you pay for package sent to you). You can create as many portals as you like and filter your deliveries in the history section by portal name. Many of MASV’s users create unique portals for different projects they are working on to keep all their cost data separate for billing back to their customers or collaborators.

The Portals beta is enabled by default for all new accounts and here are some examples of portals our beta users have created:

All of the features listed above are live and available now at

As an incentive to try MASV 2.0, all existing and new users are eligible for a free, limited-time offer of an additional 100 GB of free data (offer expires November 30th 2017).

Just fill out the form below to have the extra data added within 24 hours (MASV will automatically create an account for you if you do not already have one):

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The browser-based application fills a market gap with its fast, simple and affordable solution that transfers massive RAW video files without the need for legacy software installations, subscriptions or contracts. By enabling video editors to send massive files digitally instead of shipping hard drives, empowers video production professionals to collaborate more efficiently while meeting tight deadlines.