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MASV Announces Integration With Adobe Premiere Pro For Ultra-Fast Client Deliveries

New MASV Extension for Premiere Pro Accelerates Large File Transfer for Video Professionals

MASV (pronounced MASSIVE), the world leader in cloud delivery of enormous video files, today announced a new extension for Adobe® Premiere® Pro. This extension simplifies the delivery of large video projects by embedding MASV’s accelerated cloud transfer technology directly within Premiere Pro.

The new extension is available for free at or the Adobe Exchange at

The new MASV Panel for Premiere Pro reliably renders, uploads and sends enormous (20GB and higher) files that are typically too large for conventional cloud transfer services. MASV delivers files over a high-performance global network, exploiting users’ maximum Internet bandwidth.

This displaces the shipping of hard drives, the cost and complexity of on-premise, server-based transfer tools, and the pain inflicted by the file-size limits of conventional cloud services. The net outcome is a savings of time, hassle and worry about whether your files will be delivered on deadline. No more babysitting renders and uploads!

“Today’s video professionals are increasingly independent and distributed globally. They need to deliver huge projects faster, often from home studios or remote locations, while collaborating with teams that can change from project-to-project,” said Dave Horne, VP Growth at “This new production paradigm has broken traditional transfer methods, namely the shipping of hard drives and use of expensive on-prem transfer tools.”

“By bringing MASV directly inside Premiere Pro, now even the largest Premiere project can be delivered via Cloud, streamlining the export process, and tightly integrating digital project delivery within editors’ workflow.”

“Video workflows are increasingly moving to the Cloud. The new MASV Extension will help Premiere Pro users deliver their large projects via cloud with more speed, certainty and fewer late nights,” said Sue Skidmore, partner relations for Adobe professional video. “Premiere Pro and MASV helps post production professionals deliver stunning video faster.”

Key Features

Fully Integrated - The new MASV Extension installs in a dockable panel, integrating perfectly into Premiere Pro CC 2018 and higher (MacOS/Windows)

Upload Support - Upload full projects, project sequences, files and folders from within Premiere Pro. The MASV Panel retries aggressively, sending your files successfully even in poor networking conditions.

Export & Send - Render projects to any Adobe® Media Encoder export preset, then send, in one easy process. Favourite export formats can be stored for quick use on future uploads.

Automated Deliveries - When exporting to Media Encoder, choose to automatically upload and send after rendering. Alternatively, opt to review your export before uploading.

Monitor Progress - Monitor export and transfer progress, plus upload performance stats, in real time.

Notifications - Distribute transfer notifications via email and Slack.

Password Protected Transfers - Secure deliveries by adding a password. Transfers are fully encrypted at rest and in flight and comply with GDPR standards.

Extended Storage - Easily set your storage duration based on your project requirements. Set a nearer delete date for maximum security or longer for convenience.

Control Access and Cost - Set download limits to protect sensitive content and manage transfer costs.

Manage and Track Deliveries - Send files from Premiere Pro, then use the MASV Web Application to review delivery status, delivery costs, and manage active deliveries with ease.

Transfer Without Limits - MASV simplifies your client deliveries and enables you to send terabytes of data, at ridiculously fast speeds, without ever having to manage storage or deal with file size limits.

MASV 2019 Product Highlights 2019 has been busy for MASV, which launched a new version of the service in February, followed by a chain of significant product updates:

New! MASV Desktop (June 2019) - MASV Desktop app (MacOS/Windows) offers the same resiliency and transfer performance as the MASV Panel for Premiere Pro. When file sizes surpass 50+GB, an app can offer superior reliability over browsers. MASV Desktop is free at

New! MASV Slack App (June 2019) - MASV provides notifications through Slack to keep production teams apprised of deliveries and stop waiting and worrying about deliveries. The MASV Slack App is free at .

Embeddable Portals (June 2019) - MASV Portals allows you to receive files from clients, partners, and suppliers by providing a branded link to a portal where users can upload content super-fast. June 2019’s Embeddable Portals provides a simple embed code so users can pack the power of MASV’s global accelerated network directly into any website.

MASV API (April 2019) - The MASV API ( is continuously updated and allows developers serving the post-production and creative pro markets to accelerate production cycles by automating standard delivery workflows, such as by automatically downloading portal deliveries.

For a full list of features and a free 100GB trial, please visit

About MASV: is an innovative file transfer service designed specifically for the world’s largest files. Its ability to transfer very large files, along with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model, offers unparalleled flexibility when your team has to send big files quickly. MASV is based in Ottawa, Canada. MASV’s parent company, LiveQoS, is a prolific provider of network and Cloud optimization technologies, available on millions of devices worldwide.