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M6 Creates Ultra-Fast Replay Platform for UEFA EUROs Based on Telestream Tech

Lightspeed Live Capture, and Vantage offer speed, power, and a high-quality viewing experience

At this summer’s UEFA EURO Championships, French soccer fans enjoyed almost immediate access to high quality replays of matches thanks to a new initiative from M6, the most profitable private national French television channel and the third most watched television network in the French-speaking world. Supported by Telestream and its French local partner, VIDELIO, M6 has created a new and radically different ultra-fast replay workflow that places Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Capture server system at its heart.

Already a major Telestream Vantage, DIVA Content Management and PRISM Waveform Monitors user, M6 has invested in a replay system that utilizes Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Capture server to assure both ultra-fast replay and the highest quality viewer experience for all programs broadcast live, including the recent UEFA EURO Championships as well as other sport events and news broadcasts.

The goal set to Telestream and VIDELIO, by M6 was to create ‘Replay’ – a new online service that provides consumers with replays of the EURO championship games (via as close as possible to the live broadcasts and in the highest quality. Lightspeed Live Capture is well positioned to meet this need since it can ingest feeds in both HD and UHD formats, create mezzanine formats as growing files, deliver the content to Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 storage, and then notify the Replay platform of its availability.

An important facility in Lightspeed Live Capture is its built-in API which enables users to pause and resume recording to create a unique file for output. So, for example, all advertising from the live broadcast can be extracted from the feed before it is made available online.

Using all the power and sophistication of M6’s Vantage workflow, Lightspeed Live Capture simultaneously creates three file formats of the broadcast content – one file for use on Replay, one file for ingest within the broadcaster’s Avid PAM system, and one file for mastering in the AS-10 format (the dominant mastering format used in France).

“Our choice of Lightspeed Live Capture is based on the system’s robustness, its capability to ingest HD and UHD using codecs such as XAVC 4K Intra and, a seamless integration within our existing Vantage workflows,” commented Franck Martin, Directeur de L’Ingénierie at M6. “And the ability to manage the Live Capture servers via API adds another layer of intuitive operation to this project”.

“Benoît Godard, Senior Solution Engineer for VIDELIO and an expert on the Telestream product line has guided our team through every stage of this project from initial system design, through integration to ultimate workflow creation and that support has been invaluable,” Franck Martin concluded.