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Introducing NUROUM C40 - A Premium Meeting Camera for Small Teams with Budget & The Best Alternative for Meeting Owl 3

NUROUM, an innovative audio-video solution provider based in Philadelphia, introduced their new video conference webcam: NUROUM C40, a camera, mic and speaker all in one. NUROUM C40 is designed for creating a more immersive video conference experience

Why NUROUM C40? 

NUROUM C40 could be an incredible solution for any company or worker that relies on video conferences, especially where a remote worker is connecting to a physical conference room. Instead of staring at a packed table and trying to figure out who's speaking, NUROUM C40 does the work for you. 

With advanced and patented ProperClean Technology and 4-element microphone array, it guarantees smooth and high-quality audio for every meeting. NUROUM C40 also has 360 degrees, up to 16ft radius voice pickup capacity. It’s extremely effective for those calls where you have a group of people at a conference table or in a huddle. Moreover, NUROUM’s innovative deep learning alongside DSP algorithm removes noise, echo and reverberations, while preserving human sound. Try it out! 

Build with SONY Starvis CMOS sensor, NUROUM C40 will present you with Full HD 2K images. With HDR supported, there will be no details missing no matter in bright or dark, giving you a more immersive meeting experience. With face-recognition technology, the camera can precisely locate the speaker and automatically present the best framing to the remote participant. The device is intelligent enough to know who's talking and makes them the center of attention. 

Plug, play and power all by one single USB cable. NUROUM C40 is totally drive-free and it’s super easy to use. The ring LED indicator shows real-time status so your privacy is always under control. 


Who is this for? 

NUROUM C40 would be a great solution for any hybrid workers or company that relies on video conferences. There's an inherent disconnect between a table full of coworkers and a handful of remote people on the other end of the line and NUROUM C40 can help bridge that gap, making conversation flow and making conversation flow and making it easier to see the subtle expression shifts and body chemistry that's often lost when you're not in the room.


Compared with Meeting Owl 3, NUROUM C40 is super cost-efficient. The biggest drawback for Meeting Owl 3 is the $999 price tag could be pretty steep for single remote workers in a home office. On the contract, NUROUM C40 is really affordable yet wildly advanced. With NUROUM C40, it would have improved the effectiveness and efficiency of our meetings greatly. Even Amazon recommends NUROUM C40 as a similar item to consider to Meeting Owl 3.

Price & Availability 

$269 (plus local tax); Available now on Amazon


NUROUM, powered by Auditoryworks Technology, is headquartered in Philadelphia, United States. NUROUM offers a range of easy-to-use and high-performance audio and video products for personal collaborators, SMB collaborators, and creators. It’s dedicated to providing simple, reliable and cutting-edge products to create a clean hybrid work experience for every team. For more information, please visit


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