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Hardware Acceleration, Color Corrector Added to Film Convert Adobe Plug-in

The color correcting features of the FilmConvert Stand-alone product have been added to the Adobe plugin

Included in the release is an upgrade of the rendering engine, which can now utilize hardware acceleration on the video card GPU. This is a major speed improvement and allows the FilmConvert plugin to run realtime in Adobe Premiere on HD footage.

In addition, the color correcting features of the FilmConvert Stand-alone product have been added to the Adobe plugin. This includes a 3 way color corrector, Saturation slider, and Levels graph. All parameters can be automated via keyframe automation.

Camera profile support has also been added for Sony FS700 Cameras
While FilmConvert can be used on any digital footage, color accuracy is improved by downloading free data packs for supported cameras. 
Over 20 cameras are now supported with more being added each month.

The update is available free for all registered FilmConvert users.
Full and trial versions are available to download at:

About FilmConvert
FilmConvert is the Ultimate Film Emulation Plugin, providing a simple means to process Digital Camera footage to look like various Film Stocks. 19 Film Stocks are emulated, and grain is processed using 6k grain scans. FilmConvert is available as a plugin for After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere, Vegas, Motion, Photoshop, and as a Stand-alone application.