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Grass Valley Rolls Out K2 Dyno Replay System Training Tour

The K2 Dyno Replay System is a comprehensive set of live production replay tools that are seamlessly integrated for use in file-based production environments such as sports and other live events

In a continual effort to make live production more cost-effective, Grass Valley® is rolling out a K2 Dyno® Replay System leasing program as well as a training tour in several cities across the U.S. and internationally to meet a growing demand by broadcasters and media organizations for a greater pool of trained operators, Super Users, and trainers. The training tour successfully began in Europe, with a first stop in Cologne, Germany held in April. The U.S. leg of the training tour kicks off May 14-16 in San Francisco and will head to Los Angeles and the East Coast before going overseas again.

The training tour is intended to establish a pool of K2 Dyno operators that can be connected to a growing number of opportunities in the market, and each stop consists of three days. On day one, Grass Valley teaches one regional replay expert the methodology of the K2 Dyno Replay System. They are paid their customary day rate and are established as a certified K2 Dyno trainer. On day two, the newly-certified trainer educates local replay operators to fully master K2 Dyno during a four-hour tutorial. On the final day, Grass Valley customers are invited to attend a scheduled one-on-one K2 Dyno demonstration, which is facilitated by the trainer.

“Our new K2 Dyno training sessions are a highly effective and targeted way to enable experienced replay operators to expand their knowledge beyond their legacy system capabilities, helping to grow the marketplace. For non-experienced replay operators, the sessions deliver the hands-on training they need to eventually become conversant in live production replay,” said Mike Cronk, Senior Vice President Marketing at Grass Valley. “Our first session, held in Germany last month, was met with much success. Participants pointed out many of K2 Dyno’s advanced capabilities, such as its ability to tag a clip with metadata, as important and necessary features to address second screen workflows.”

In conjunction with the training tour, Grass Valley is partnering with St. Louis, MO-based CSI Leasing to deliver a leasing option for K2 Dyno. The leasing program facilitates the acquisition of a K2 Dyno S Elite XDCAM Package* for qualified Grass Valley customers, and provides greater access to K2 Dyno’s advanced capabilities and cost-effective integration. Leasing the K2 Dyno will cost less than $3000 US per month (2200 Euro) for a 36-month term, and will not require a down payment or any other upfront costs. The leasing program is available worldwide and can be arranged through Grass Valley local offices or resellers. 

The K2 Dyno Replay System is a comprehensive set of live production replay tools that are seamlessly integrated for use in file-based production environments such as sports and other live events. With its operational simplicity, IT-friendly implementation, and quick learning curve, K2 Dyno dramatically expands the possibilities for HD and SD live production.

For more information about K2 Dyno, please visit the K2 Dyno product page at

*The K2-Dyno S XDCAM package Includes K2 Summit® 3G four channel HD/SD server and replay with DV, MPEG-2, and AVC-Intra codecs, 12 x 600GB drives in a RAID 10 configuration for storage of 120 hours of AVC-Intra 50 content, and K2 Dyno® S Replay controller with application software. It also includes hardware and software to permit ChannelFlex® operations with MPEG-2 formats such as XDCAM HD. Supports replay configurations up to 6 camera iso-records and 1 replay out or 4 camera iso-records and 2 replay outputs (program and preview or 2 independent programs).

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