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Grass Valley Completes 1080p60 End-to-End Live Production Workflow with IBC Releases

Grass Valley unveils new LDX Series cameras, Karrera and Keyenne Switchers, K2 Summit 3G Media Server, K2 Dyno S Replay Controller, and GV Stratus Media Application Framework

Committed to remaining at the forefront of technology Grass Valley® is today announcing four new products to complete the first end-to-end Live Production workflow switchable to any of the current TV formats, up to and including 1080P/60, all integrated into the GV STRATUS™ Media Application Framework for the fast creation of efficient workflows and customized user interfaces.

NEW! LDX Series of Cameras

Grass Valley today announces the launch of the LDX Series™ of camera systems. The LDX Series — initially consisting of the LDX Première™, LDX Elite™, and LDX WorldCam™ — signifies the next step in image acquisition. 

With uncompromised performance in 1080p50/60, full compatibility with Grass Valley's line of 3G Transmission solutions and stunning 1080p/1080i/720p images, the LDX Series is the industry’s most advanced range of cameras. The LDX Series is based on three completely new, state-of-the-art, third-generation CMOS imagers – Grass Valley’s Xensium-FT™. The LDX Series boasts an ergonomic design with time saving features such as improved color management and automated controls, allowing operators to concentrate on creativity. 

NEW! Karrera and Kayenne Switchers Series

Grass Valley today announces the launch of a new series of production switchers. A fully customizable range offering switchable support for any of the current TV formats up to and including 3G 1080p50/60.

This new software-based, modular approach facilitates simple upgradeability, more efficient operations, simplified production workflows, as well as easy configuration and setup using stored settings and macro automation. The switcher architecture enables customers to purchase only what they need, and then add features as required. It is also green - requiring 50% less power than competing products and features a built-in multi-viewer with capabilities similar to that already available in Trinix NXT™ routers. 

NEW! K2 Summit 3G Media Server

Grass Valley has raised the bar in video server technology by today launching a new version of the industry standard K2 Summit. Fully supporting all TV formats including 1080p/60 and optional DNxHD codec for ingest, storage and playout, the new K2 Summit 3G also features peer to peer networking, enabling all content to be shared between channels across stand alone K2 Summits without a complex shared storage infrastructure.

NEW! K2 Dyno™ S Replay Controller

Grass Valley has simplified and accelerated the process of creating live-action replays with the launch of the new K2 Dyno™ S Replay Controller, featuring more switcher-style buttons, a larger touchscreen display with gesturing, new panel styling that features ergonomic enhancements to reduce physical strain on the operator.

Quick and agile, and based on the new K2 Summit, the K2 Dyno S can handle all formats and is perfect for live broadcast and live-to-disk studio productions. Its small footprint, paired with a 2RU K2 Summit media server, allows for a lighter solution in weight-sensitive OB vans and a single controller can browse and control media across multiple channels.

GV STRATUS™ Media Application Framework

GV STRATUS enables customers to connect various components within their facility into seamless workflows whilst simply creating customized user interfaces per job function. Ingest, metadata logging, editing and playout are amongst the many use cases to which GV STRATUS can bring phenomenal efficiencies.

Unlike other applications, with GV STRATUS the tool does not define the job, it's the other way around; the job defines the tools required and specific user interfaces can easily be created for each role in a workflow.

The integration of K2 Summit, K2 Dyno S with GV STRATUS and EDIUS provide a highly efficient workflow with the capability to share content and metadata across different applications to record, mark, tag, log, edit, browse, replay and deliver content with easy-to-use interfaces. GV STRATUS increases productivity in any live or studio production environment. 

“This is the most exciting IBC I have attended; we are showing the fruits of our last 18 months work since we became an independent company," said Charlie Dunn, Executive Vice President of Products at Grass Valley. "We have refreshed our entire product range and can now show our full support for all the current TV resolutions, up to and including 1080P/60 from the new LDX camera to the new K2 Summit playout server, with full integration into our GV STRATUS Media Application Framework enabling our customers to build seamless and efficient workflows, as well as serve the requirements of the multi-platform world.”