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GT Church Upgrades Live Streaming Equipment and Processes with Adorama Business Solutions

The Multi-Site Church Now Offers its Congregation High-Quality Footage of Services and Events In-Person and Online

GT Church, a multisite church with two locations in Pennsylvania, recently enlisted Adorama Business Solutions, the premier technology resource for corporate, educational, and government institutions, to upgrade its production equipment and processes to enable High Definition (HD) live streaming and recorded broadcasts of its services. Eager to make dynamic, engaging, and artful videos for its congregation, GT Church wanted to upgrade its increasingly outdated Standard Definition (SD) cameras and streamline its operational processes and equipment.

In addition to the physical upgrades of cameras and equipment, GT Church needed to ensure that the footage always maintained a consistent look and feel. This was a major challenge for the camera crew and production team, as it required its current cameras to be set up individually. Working with the cameras separately limited the scope and range of their filming abilities, wasted time and resources to set up and execute, and burdened the filming of live events with disruptive transitions between cameras.

GT Church worked with Adorama Business Solutions to identify and purchase the perfect production set-up to upgrade its SD capabilities to wireless HD. Selected equipment included: Canon EOS C300 Mark II Cinema Camcorder Body, Canon Cinema Zoom CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L S (EF Mount) Lens, and Cartoni Focus 18 Fluid Head System: Carbon Fiber & mart Lock ML Spreader.

Wireless cameras with modern technologies gave the staff greater levels of flexibility, enabling them to easily film anywhere in the congregation and film more discreetly and with enhanced freedom on stage. Additionally, Adorama simplified the process of creating a unified look and coherent aesthetic throughout the footage by being able to save the settings from one camera to an SD card, which could then be easily copied to all other cameras on the system. For the GT Church production team, this was revolutionary.

“Adorama’s knowledge and experience helped identify and solve problems I wouldn’t have known about until the gear was delivered, which would have cost us valuable time,” said Andrew Donohue, Visual Producer at GT Church. “All of our services and events can now be shot using HD technologies, bringing our congregation high-quality live streams and more engaging recorded broadcasts. During recent stay-at-home orders, our ability to connect with our community through live streams on our website has been indispensable.”

Through a collaborative sales process with Adorama Business Solutions, GT Church completely upgraded its production equipment and processes, empowering its production team to deliver first-rate coverage and footage of events to its congregation, both in-person and online.

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