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FutureVideo Unveils V-Station HD Studio Capture Package

The new software/capture card package enables a compatible PC to function as an affordable multi-camera video production system, which records 4 simultaneous tracks of full HD 1080p @ 60fps video in H.264 format with hundreds of hours of recording time

Media control pioneer FutureVideo Products, Inc. announced that a software/capture card package now joins its turn-key version of the company’s top-of-the-range V-Station® HD Studio Multi-track Production DVR System. Dubbed V-Station HD Studio Capture Package, it enables a compatible PC to function as an affordable multi-camera video production system, which records 4 simultaneous tracks of full HD 1080p @ 60fps video in H.264 format with hundreds of hours of recording time. No other video production system has V-Station HD’s synchronized recording and Multi-View play back capabilities--plus built-in project management system to organize and keep track of all video clips. The V-Station HD Studio Software’s exclusive AutoProducer® real-time cuts editor can create a rough-cut multi-cam reel within minutes of wrapping. With a simple mouse-click, the rough-cut edited reel can then be uploaded directly to YouTube or one of the user’s FTP sites. Just as easily, the entire video project can be transferred to leading post-production software (Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6/7/CC, Apple Final Cut Pro 7/X, Sony Vegas Pro 12/13). All the time line sequences and bins are automatically created, thus saving the editor enormous amounts of time.
Like its turn-key sibling, the V-Station HD Studio Capture Package combines multi-cam acquisition, media asset management, editing, and delivery—all in one system, making shoot-to-delivery workflow seamless, highly-efficient, and requiring fewer people than traditional post-production workflow methods. The included HDMI 4-channel capture card also provides separate HDMI output monitor channel for play out of recorded video or preview of incoming video. Optional SDI-to-HDMI converters are available to support a mix of camera types.
According to Stephen Godfrey, FutureVideo’s Director of Business Development,“Users whose needs exceeded their budgets wanted V-Station HD Studio capabilities they could actually afford. In response, we configured a new V-Station HD Studio Capture Package that can be installed in a compatible PC the user already has available. The combination of our software and video capture card deliver the same capabilities and performance our turn-key V-Station HD Studio System provides—at asubstantially lower cost!” 
A wider range of users can now benefit from V-Station HD Studio’s rapid workflows—especially when multi-camera angles are required. Whether recording musical or theatrical events, meetings for community events, classroom lectures or conferences, corporate communications, sports training, behavioral studies, cable TV production, or for film “previs,” using the V-Station HD Studio Capture Package puts multi-camera video production squarely within reach of many who otherwise might have had insufficient resources.

At a suggested retail price is only $2,995, the V-Station HD Studio Capture Package will initially be available on a factory-direct basis.

Accredited members of the press seeking online immersion in the V-Station HD Studio software for editorial review are invited to contact FutureVideo.

About FutureVideo...Privately-held FutureVideo is based in Orange County, California. Since its founding in 1986, the company has designed and marketed a range of innovative media control and multi-track video recording and editing products—earning various patents, excellence awards, and “industry firsts” along the way.