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Flysview Evolves the Power of Connection in a Socially Distanced World

Launching on Indiegogo, Flysview is a Multi-Angled Video Platform that Allows Content Creators to Create Dynamic Videos for Any Audience...Any Browser, All Devices, Always in Sync

Social distancing guidelines have created a challenging landscape for content creators. Traditional methods of working for creatives have been turned on their heads because of the pandemic. While the simple luxury of physical human interaction and collaboration feels like a thing of the past, innovation thrives in challenging times. Officially launching on Indiegogo today, Flysview technology allows content creators to create deeper experiences for their audiences preserving intimacy in virtual events without actual proximity. 

Flysview is a social-video platform (player and recording app) where content creators record from multiple angles and live-stream as one synced video. This patented, multi-angled solution gives audiences all the action in real-time and lets them change angles anytime while they watch. Its mission? To put the power of video in the hands of everyone. The platform allows people of all skill levels in all industries and job roles to create dynamic and powerful media. 

“There is such an exciting opportunity when you look at video technologies like ours,” said Coy Christmas, co-founder and CEO of Fasetto, a technology company that creates solutions for an increasingly connected world. 

“Video is the closest thing to experiencing a moment firsthand. Flysview can serve so many different use cases, create so many great stories and help so many great brands reach their customers. The job of content creators is as important as ever as consumers are social distancing and working from home. Whether it’s for entertainment or marketing purposes, content creators need to become more innovative in how they engage with audiences.”

How does Flysview work? 4 devices. 4 angles. 1 video.

Creators can download the Flysview app and connect up to four devices at one time including smartphones, tablets, laptops, webcams, and high-end, wireless cameras. You can control the 

content from one device and start recording four live streams. Flysview then combines and syncs them into one video. Viewers can then view four unique angles in the same video simultaneously and change angles as many times as they wan

“This year radically changed what live events look like and our access to them. Flysview is creating deeper and more connected experiences allowing the viewer to be more present. It’s changing the way we view the world, one video at a time,” said Coy. 

Innovative. Engaging. Seamless. Designed for photographers, creatives, social influencers, event producers, adventure enthusiasts, soccer moms and everybody in-between.

About Fasetto, Inc

Fasetto is a technology company that creates solutions for an increasingly connected world. They create solutions (hardware & software) that promotes seamless connectivity between people, content and the devices they use regardless of platform, device or network.

Fasetto’s core technology, Gravity, creates a localized, ad-hoc network between devices and enables them to perform enhanced, data-sharing and collaboration capabilities. 

Founded in 2013, Fasetto is located in Scottsdale, AZ.