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Blackmagic Announces Major Update to Teranex Express

Teranex 3.2 Update adds full motion standards conversions for a total of 1089 real time SD, HD and Ultra HD format conversions

Blackmagic Design today announced the immediate availability of Teranex 3.2 Update which provides a major update to Teranex Express by adding full motion standards conversions for a total of 1089 real time SD, HD and Ultra HD format conversions. With this new software update and Teranex Express’s 12G-SDI technology, now customers can convert between any SD, HD and Ultra HD video format all the way up to 2160p60.

Teranex 3.2 Update is available for download now, free of charge from the Blackmagic Design website.

The new Teranex 3.2 Update provides a massive increase to the number of conversions available on Teranex Express. After installing this update, Teranex Express customers see an additional 862 conversions that include new format and frame rate conversions along with 3:2 pull down detection and removal, all with the legendary Teranex image quality that broadcasters have mandated for years. Customers can now convert virtually any video format into any other video format in real time.

With this new update, Teranex Express solves any conversion needed. SD masters can be up converted to HD, frame rate converted and 2:3 pulldown can be removed all in one step. Cadence can be automatically detected and removed, even from edited content so Teranex Express is now the perfect solution for turning older standard definition broadcast masters into high definition online content for modern internet distribution.

Teranex Express is also the perfect production solution for bridging the HD and Ultra HD worlds, because it supports advanced 12G-SDI technology that’s multi rate so the 12G-SDI connections will switch between all SD SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI automatically depending on the conversion selected. This means customers can move 720p or 1080p sources to Ultra HD in real time.

Teranex Express is also the perfect product for broadcasters who are interested in moving to high frame rate Ultra HD workflows and who need to bridge between frame rates. Teranex Express easily handles converting a 6G-SDI 2160p30 format video feed to 12G-SDI 2160p60 video feed in real time. In this example, Teranex Express could also up convert from any SD or HD format all the way to 2160p60 in one operation allowing high frame rate Ultra HD systems to take a video feed, completely independent of the source format.

The frame rate conversion and image scaling uses the same advanced patented Teranex algorithms as other Teranex models, giving customers visually transparent conversions between formats. That means customers get extremely high quality de-interlacing, up conversion, down conversion, SD, HD and Ultra HD cross and standards conversions, automatic 3:2 pull down detection and removal, noise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion, timecode, ancillary data, multi-channel audio and more.

“When Blackmagic Design introduced Teranex Express at NAB 2014 it delivered 178 different real time up and down conversions, which combined with the worlds first 12G-SDI made it a great product,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “However we had secret plans to make Teranex Express much more powerful simply by doing software updates in the future. This new Teranex 3.2 update has lots of extra conversions so now any video format can be converted to any other video format with a massive 1089 SD, HD and Ultra HD standards conversions. It’s like getting a whole new converter for free, just by downloading the new software!”

Availability and Price
Teranex Update 3.2 is available now for download from the Blackmagic Design website free of charge for all Teranex Express customers.

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