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BirdDog Releases BirdDog Cloud

BirdDog, a leading manufacturer of NDI tools will launch BirdDog Cloud, enabling NDI delivery over the public internet securely with AES 128/256 Encryption.

BirdDog, a leading manufacturer of NDI tools will launch BirdDog Cloud, enabling NDI delivery over the public internet securely with AES 128/256 Encryption. Using SRT protocol, BirdDog Cloud ensures high quality delivery despite poor quality network connections with extremely low latency. BirdDog Cloud will be available to purchase immediately via its global network of resellers.
BirdDog Cloud is a modular and scalable delivery platform, allowing customers the option to pay only for the features that are required. Full remote production, studio and control is possible via the public internet from any global location. Support features include; PTZ Camera Control, Tally, and Audio Intercom via the BirdDog Comms application.
BirdDog Co-Founder and CEO Dan Miall said, “We are extremely proud of BirdDog Cloud. We’ve been creating NDI workflows since its inception and BirdDog Cloud can make the dream of working on a tropical beach with a laptop and an internet connection come true. We live in a time of exciting technological advancements and are excited to see the workflows our customers can create with BirdDog Cloud.”
“SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol is the fastest growing industry standard for online content sharing between sites and was an obvious choice for us when building BirdDog Cloud,” said Jan Grimestad, Product Manager and Lead Designer for BirdDog Cloud. “SRT creates a reliable, stable connection complete with AES encryption. Our customers can send video over the internet with low latency and have total peace of mind that their content is secure. We’re really excited to be part of the SRT Alliance.”
Users simply need an Endpoint Core at each end and have the flexibility to add features as required. The complete list of modules includes:
Endpoint Core:
Everything you need to get started for a single point to point connection, including Tally, Comms, Video, Audio, and PTZ Control all over a secure and encrypted connection.
Endpoint Multi
 A multiple stream licence limited only by the number of streams your computer can process. The faster the machine the more streams. It enables multiple, single point to point connections.
Enables multiple streams over a single SRT connection. Use an End Point at each end and stream from Oslo to New York, Paris, and Melbourne simultaneously. All NDI feeds sent from Endpoint to Endpoint will maintain individual sync.
A scalable and powerful NDI Multiviewer that automatically creates the least number of video windows needed whilst still maintaining a 16×9 aspect ratio. Each receiving End Point can configure it’s own custom Multiviewer. The NDI for the Multivewer is sent at lower bandwidth to allow more video windows than full bandwidth NDI capabilities. Variable settings include 720p or 1080p resolutions or full NDI.
Additional support for sending remote graphics or other sources with alpha over the SRT link.
Convert NDI to WebRTC with very low latency as Program out back channel to ENG or other remote productions.

Learn more about BirdDog Cloud by viewing:
About BirdDog
BirdDog is the manufacturer of the world’s best NDI tools and is dedicated to simplifying your transition from baseband video to IP workflows. Based out of Melbourne, Australia and with a team of innovative and slightly quirky engineers, our goal is simple - make great products at great prices. BirdDog is an Australian company based out of Melbourne. To learn more about BirdDog, please visit