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Band Pro Ships CW Sonderoptic Summicron-C Lenses

Summicron-C offers 6 new T2.0 prime lenses: 18, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm

Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc. has announced they are now delivering the new Summicron-C lenses from CW Sonderoptic, makers of the Leica Summilux-C. Summicron-C offers 6 new T2.0 prime lenses: 18, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm. These light, lower cost alternatives to the Summilux-C provide incredible performance that matches or exceeds the competition, with full coverage up to and including the new RED dragon sensor. The Summicron-C set will grow to ten, with additions of 21, 29, 40, and 135 mm focal lengths in the coming year.

Interested parties are urged to contact Band Pro to reserve a spot on their Pre-Order list. Deliveries will begin shipping at the end of December 2013.

An excerpt from the 12/6/013 FD Times review by Jon Fauer, ASC:
Summicron-C lenses all have a maximum aperture of T2.0. Minimum aperture is T22 and there is a totally closed position. All have PL mounts, 95 mm front diameters, and are 101 mm / 4″ long (except the 135 mm, which is longer). Focus and iris barrel gears of Summicron-C and Summilux-C lenses line up in the same position relative to the lens mount, so follow focus and lens motors don’t have to be repositioned when you change lenses.

Resolution, contrast, and MTF achieve the same lofty heights as the other members of the high-end lens society (except the Summilux, which is in a league of its own). Geometry is straight and distortion-free. Breathing is comparable to most classic lenses.

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