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Baltimore Hospital reaches Health Care Workers Through Live Streaming with Teradek

Baltimore's GBMC HealthCare System wanted a quick and easy way to send out information, so Jenoff facilitated live streams for them.

Martin Jenoff is dedicated to getting the news out around Baltimore. He shoots and edits at the local network news station two days a week, presides over the local videographers group, and with his own Focal Point Productions, has been providing live streaming for nearly a decade.
He says, “Back then it was a hard sell. You had to explain what it is and why you do it. But that changed when Facebook Live and YouTube Live made it a household term. Now I concentrate on doing it well. After following Teradek for a long time, I made the jump and now we have the VidiU Go, Cube encoder, and Bolt 1000. I also recently ordered a Cube decoder.” While most of these devices can serve as streaming boxes, they have different capabilities which allow Marty’s team to quickly scale their productions.

Why so much equipment? That’s because Focal Point Productions’ saw a large increase in demand for live streaming services in the recent months. “Once COVID-19 broke out we had tons of cancellations for our corporate event clients. Suddenly all our jobs are now live streaming.” Baltimore’s GBMC HealthCare System wanted a quick and easy way to send out information, so Jenoff facilitated live streams for them. “We helped them hold a town hall with the hospital president and other leadership discussing COVID-19 policies, workplace changes, future plans, and answering questions.” Hungry for the latest information, 800-1000 of their workforce tuned in to watch live and ask questions in real-time while hundreds more watched on-demand. It was so successful they did five more. Jenoff, who doesn’t take chances, says, “The hospital has its own WebEx so we are mainly tied to that system for the town halls, but we used Teradek’s Cube encoder and VidiU Go as our backup— my insurance policy.”

The Teradek VidiU Go is one of the company’s most popular streaming devices. Used by a variety of businesses and organizations ranging from churches to broadcasters to local government, it allows users to quickly and easily send high-quality live streams to their social media platform and destination of choice.

“We’ve been working with the hospital for years, during which time we’ve produced several Facebook Live events. Since COVID-19 started in Maryland in mid-March, we also did 9 public Facebook Lives for them concerning COVID-19 and two more on another topic. For all of them, the Cube and their Internet is the primary and the VidiU GO with cellular bonding is the back up.

If the Internet goes down or is inconsistent he knows that Teradek’s devices have bonding capabilities to promote a solid broadcast. “Bonded cellular, is a real plus”, he says, “I have my own Internet”.

What’s next for Focal Point Productions? “We’ve been getting a ton of inquiries for live streaming and expect there to be a huge boom very soon.”

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