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Adorama Unveils New Flashpoint Lights for Photo and Video for Camera- and Stand-Mounted Use

New Flashpoint lights include the SpeedLight Partner and the VariAngle light, as well as a collection of LED lights in both standard and bi-color options; new stand-mounted lights include various models of circular and panel lights.

Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers, is now selling a brand new line of Flashpoint LED lights designed for both camera and stand-mounted use. New photography and videography lights from Flashpoint include the SpeedLight Partner and the VariAngle light, as well as a collection of LED lights in both standard and bi-color options. New stand-mounted lights include various models of circular and panel lights. These Flashpoint LED lights are available exclusively in store at Adorama and online.

Camera Mounted LED Lights:

Flashpoint SpeedLight Partner
The new Flashpoint SpeedLight Partner is invaluable when shooting in dark locations or outdoors at night. A lightweight LED that straps to the top of an on-camera speedlight, it ensures that the camera will have enough contrast on the subject to focus and give a boost of light to the speedlight for shooting in extra-dark areas where stands may not be suitable, such as a nightclub or intimate wedding venue. Light enough to go anywhere with enough light output to go everywhere, the SpeedLight Partner provides instant, continuous LED super power when coupled with an HD-DSLR for video capture and can also act as a brilliant modeling light for still photos. Whether in camera or video capture mode, the SpeedLight Partner is ready to go with a wide beam spread of 80 degrees to deliver flicker-free, pleasing illumination at even the closest proximity.

The SpeedLight Partner runs with silent, ventilated cooling for zero interference during audio recording, and its slim battery and lightweight body make its weight unnoticeable in use. Thoughtfully designed for ultimate work efficiency, the SpeedLight Partner also features a Super AF Assist mode for advanced versatility. This mode produces a stronger, brighter beam for approximately eight seconds for absolute focus in even the darkest of situations as well as farther focusing distances. With a long lamp hour life and a standard rechargeable NB2LH battery, the SpeedLight Partner provides trouble-free, economical shooting and takes speedlight work to a whole new level.

The Flashpoint SpeedLight Partner is now available exclusively from Adorama for 39.95 USD.

Flashpoint VariAngle
The Flashpoint VariAngle is an LED panel that attaches to a camera’s hot shoe or can be used on a stand to provide videographers and still photographers who use DSLRs and HD camcorders with a focusable beam from a 25-degree spot to a standard 60-degree spread. The VariAngle’s state-of-the-art LED lights offer consistent color temperature, flicker-free output and no color shift when dimming. When used outdoors, the small, self-contained LED light produces copious fill light to alleviate deep shadows while blending available ambient light to add modeling to subjects. Two interchangeable color correcting panels give the user instantaneous flexibility between 3200K and 5600K to provide lightning-fast solutions for “run and gun” shooters. Stepless control dials on the rear of the unit control brightness levels to assure flicker-free shooting.

Incredibly lightweight, the VariAngle has a clear digital battery power level indicator and runs off almost any capacity, industry standard Sony-type lithium battery cells or AA batteries. The VariAngle is a powerhouse lighting source, from its abundant light output to its super tough black ABS outer construction, promising unparalleled, focusable and desirable lighting for every need.

The Flashpoint VariAngle is now available exclusively from Adorama for 149.95 USD.

Flashpoint LED On-Camera Lights
Flashpoint’s new LED on-camera light collection includes both standard and bi-color models with various LED lamp counts. Standard models (daylight) are available in 126, 150, 160 and 300 lamp counts, and bi-color models (daylight and tungsten) come in 144, 198 and 312 lamp counts. All are portable, providing active videographers and still photographers with a soft but brilliant beam throughout a 60-degree spread. Like the SpeedLight Partner and the VariAngle, the on-camera light collection promises accurate color temperatures, flicker-free output and no color shift when dimming. The on-camera LED collection marries strong light power with superb lightweight stature, each model shining at distances beyond 16 feet while remaining easily portable. These LED lights from Flashpoint can be powered by almost any industry-standard Sony- or Panasonic-type lithium battery cell or universally available AA batteries.

Flashpoint LED on-camera lights are now available exclusively from Adorama from 49.95 USD - 134.95 USD.

Stand Mounted LED Lights:

Flashpoint LED Circular Lights
Flashpoint LED circular lights follow the traditional round reflector design with a modern, brilliant LED source. The soft, flattering glow is ideal for lighting subjects with or without the included fitted diffusion cloth, which produces a soft box quality. The circular array creates pleasing illumination and naturally round catch lights, imitating sunlit highlights. While extremely brilliant and efficient, the LED circular light collection keeps subjects comfortable, even when used close up. Color is consistent and flicker-free at 5600K, even when dimming down to 10-percent, and light output from 10- to 100-percent can be remotely controlled for less intrusive presence on set and for convenient adjustment of lights mounted in hard to reach locations. An included AC adapter powers the unit.

Flashpoint LED circular lights are now available exclusively from Adorama from 200.00 USD – 950.00 USD.

Flashpoint LED PanelLights
The Flashpoint CL-1300 LED PanelLight packs in power and precision without the heat and maintenance of hot lights, providing 1296 points of soft, directed illumination for a beautiful blend of flattering light. It includes a diffuser and warming color correction panel. Its sibling, the CL-1300B PanelLight is a bi-color option that delivers beautifully blended 5600K Daylight to 3200K Tungsten for precise color balancing and a cool bath of flattering light.

The LED panel light collection was designed with the ability to combine up to a four units into a single array with interlocking ports and series cables. Additional remote control extensions are included with the combination brackets to control the intensity and color balance of each panel simultaneously, and there is an optional remote controller for controlling the units from a convenient distance. Enjoy the freedom of lighting portability with industry standard 7.2-volt V-mount batteries for ultimate satisfaction during field use or rely on a standard 12v AC adapter.

Flashpoint LED panel lights are now available exclusively from Adorama from 449.95 USD – 799.94 USD.

ADORAMA: More Than a Camera Store
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Adorama is listed as one of the top five electronics retailers by Consumer Reports, “Best of the Web” by, Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official Electronics Retailer of the NY Giants.

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