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Adorama Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit Meets Complex Lighting Needs

Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit features 2 light stands, 1 backlight stand, 3 white umbrellas, 2 45W bulbs, 30W fluorescent bulb, sockets, and case

Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, imaging, video and electronics retailers, and a leading destination for iPhone photo specialty accessories, has begun selling the Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit with Light Stands, 3-33” Umbrellas, Socket, Bulbs & Case. Designed with photographers in mind, the Lighting Kit’s fluorescent lighting system is the perfect kit for all complex lighting needs. Easily customize the lighting setup by adding diffusers for a softer effect, or collapsible reflectors to alter the quality of the light. All pieces break down easily for storage in the included case. Whether shooting in the studio or on location, the Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit is ready for anything.

Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit

  • 2-6.5” Light Stands
  • Backlight Stand
  • 3-33” White Umbrellas
  • 2-45W Fluorescent Bulbs
  • 30W Fluorescent Bulb
  • Sockets
  • Case

The Lighting Kit makes for a great on-the-go commodity that you won’t want to leave home without. It gives the photographer plenty of lighting choices while on a shoot. For those in need of some inspiration to jumpstart a photo shoot with the new Lighting Kit, check out Joe McNally’s “The Secret to Shooting Dramatic Flash-Lit Portrait Photography That Looks Like Natural Daylight” for some tips and tricks. 

Pricing and Availability
Flashpoint 3 Lighting Kit with Light Stands, 3-33” Umbrellas, Socket, Bulbs & Case retails at the special rebate price of 64.95 USD (regularly 84.52 USD). It is available online at or at the Adorama superstore located at 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011.