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1Beyond Unveils StreamCam AutoTracker Camera

Designed for lecture capture/streaming, the StreamCam is a zero-setup, automatic tracking camera that will automatically focus, pan, tilt, and zoom to follow a presenter

1 Beyond, Inc., a leader in streaming video systems, has announced the availability of the 1 Beyond StreamCam AutoTracker camera as part of its streaming product portfolio. An industry-first, this zero-setup, automatic tracking camera will automatically focus, pan, tilt and zoom to follow a presenter. Perfect for lecture capture/streaming where the presenter would prefer to move around than be fixed behind a podium. This camera eliminates the need for an additional camera operator and, together with the 1 Beyond StreamMachine enables a multi-camera event to be recorded/streamed with a single button-push. Additional auto-archive software will automatically transfer recorded files for later use.

The StreamCam AutoTracker uses advanced image technology to automatically identify and track a person. Auto-tracking begins immediately when the camera is powered on. No setup is required and no cumbersome arm bands or sensor mats are needed. 

Video of the camera in action is available on the 1 Beyond website at:

Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond President comments, "Customers have been asking us for simpler, more affordable and more automated ways to record and stream professional-looking presentations that aren’t just a fixed camera view. With the 1 Beyond StreamCam AutoTracker and a 1 Beyond StreamMachine, customers have that solution. 1 Beyond is pleased to again provide the industry with new technology that greatly improves quality and also reduces cost."

The StreamCam AutoTracker includes two HD-SDI cameras, one wide angle fixed and the other pan-tilt-zoom for tracking. Both outputs are available for recording/streaming. Other features include:

    • High definition 1080p or 720p resolution
    • Auto white balance
    • High quality, silent long-life motors
    • Wall, ceiling or tripod mount
  • Adjustable zoom, tracking sensitivity and speed

The StreamCam AutoTracker is available immediately and is priced at $ 4495.

About 1 Beyond, Inc.
1 Beyond designs and manufactures purpose-built professional video systems for all aspects of the workflow (HD to 4K) from production through post, recording, data wrangling, streaming, media asset management, and LTO archiving, plus SAN storage. Customers include major motion pictures, TV networks and independent production and post-production facilities, sports teams, churches, and music venues. With 17 years of industry firsts and broadcast awards, our reputation is for innovation, ruggedness, high reliability at affordable prices.