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Roland Releases v1.2 Update for XS-62S HD Video Switcher

The new update introduces support for Roland's RCS Remote Control Software and adds display indication of edit status in Preset Memory Mode and Panel Information commands to the already available RS-232 control for use with connected touch panel or other programmable interface devices

Roland Professional A/V has released the new version 1.2 firmware and software updates for the Roland XS-62S HD Video Switcher, an integrated six-channel video switcher and audio mixer with PTZ camera control capabilities in a space-saving design. The new update introduces support for Roland’s RCS Remote Control Software and adds display indication of edit status in Preset Memory Mode and Panel Information commands to the already available RS-232 control for use with connected touch panel or other programmable interface devices. 

The interface for Roland’s XS-62S RCS software

The RCS software, available now as a free download for both Mac and PC, provides remote control of the XS-62S over a connected LAN. In addition to the comprehensive virtual control provided by RCS, Roland’s Smart Tally function provides wireless tally capability to any smart device on the LAN via an IP browser setup screen, thus eliminating the need for wired tally cables typical to live production setups. 

PTZ camera control using the VISCA protocol allows compatible cameras to be remotely controlled by the XS-62S Remote Control Software. PTZ camera control functions include Pan, Zoom, Tilt, Focus, and Brightness. Up to seven PTZ cameras can be controlled from the software, and each camera on the network can store and recall eight memory settings and position. This version 1.20 also adds a (FAST/SLOW) speed setting control of the zoom function. 

The PTZ Camera Control interface for the Roland XS-62S

The Roland XS-62S HD Video Switcher, which began shipping in February, is optimized for installed or portable live event, recording, broadcast and streaming productions. The XS-62S delivers a powerful feature set in a compact 1RU form factor and can be operated by a single user from easy-to-use front panel controls, or remotely from a Mac or PC or programmable interface. 

The Roland XS-62S supports seamless six-channel switching between four SDI inputs, featuring de-interlacer along with scaled HDMI and RGB inputs from computer, tablet and other video sources, plus two still images stored in internal memory. Two SDI and two HDMI outputs may be assigned to program (PGM), preview (PVW) or auxiliary (AUX) buses. 

The multiview output displays all six video input sources, two still images and PGM and PVW outputs with audio meters. Three video switching modes are available, enabling the XS-62S to handle a wide range of applications, including presentations, performances and special events, corporate AV conferences and distance learning. 

In PGM/PST Mode, the XS-62S operates as a traditional video switcher, enabling the grouping of multiple images on a single screen, with independent assignment to the AUX bus supporting confidence, downstage monitor or additional presentation screens. 

Downstream keyer (DSK), which supports both luminance (black/white) and chroma (blue/green) keying, plus PinP (picture-in-picture) functionality, enables compositing of titles, graphics and inset video. 

PinP may be selected in circle, heart or diamond shapes in addition to the typical square or rectangle. 

Dissolve Mode offers video switching and composition with cross-dissolve to the PGM bus and is suitable for a system where the user directly operates the main unit in a meeting space or event. 

The separate AUX bus is also available in Dissolve Mode. 

In Matrix Mode, the XS-62S allows individual video input signals to be assigned to three different destinations on three buses with fade-to-black seamless switching. This mode is effective for routing signals in applications using multiple screens while simultaneously mixing program audio and controlling PTZ remote cameras.

The XS-62S features an 18-channel audio mixer with four TRS jacks and an RCA stereo pair, plus audio de-embed from the six video inputs. 

Roland’s innovative discreet eight-channel analog audio embedding enables the operator to select which audio source to embed separately to SDI outputs 1 and 2, for example, to fix audio issues or separate multi-language audio sources when editing after an event. 

In addition to the high-quality preamps, powerful on-board audio processing includes a high-pass filter, gate, compressor, three-band EQ and delay, plus the ability to select audio-follows-video channels. Processing may be controlled from the front panel screen menus or using Roland’s powerful Remote Control Software (RCS) for PC or Mac. Integrated auto-mixing automatically adjusts the audio inputs based on weighting, ensuring even levels for the room mix, recording and web streaming even from hard-to-manage sources as multi-microphone discussion panels. 

The XS-62S is designed for direct control and intuitive operation by a single user in any AV application, with a dedicated menu screen and audio volume knobs easily accessible on the front panel. Programmable PTZ camera control eliminates the need for individual camera operators through one-touch recall of preset camera positions and angles and, combined with the audio auto-mixer, allows the operator to focus on switching video. 

Professional broadcast-quality crosspoint buttons are back-lit with brightness control for use in bright daylight or dark performance spaces. Along with its RS-422 port providing PTZ control (VISCA), and the RS-232 connector for remote control from external hardware devices, the XS-62S features a USB port for still image uploads and for saving program files. 

To download the V1.2 updates, please visit To learn more about the Roland XS-62S, please visit

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