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Tutorial: Reliable Streaming Anytime, Anywhere with the LiveU Solo Cam App for iDevices

In this quick tutorial I'll introduce you to the new Solo Cam app for iDevices, which makes going live with the LiveU Solo more portable and flexible than ever.

This tutorial video is sponsored by LiveU.

The LiveU Solo is a great solution for portable live streaming from a handheld camera, but what about those times when you need to do a quick stream on the spot, but you don’t have a camera with you?

In this quick tutorial, I’ll introduce you to the new Solo Cam app, which makes going live with the LiveU Solo more portable and flexible than ever.

With Solo Cam and a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter, the power of the Solo can be harnessed by your humble iPhone. You can stream the entire screen of the iPhone for a product demo or use either built-in camera for broadcasting an event or vlog.

The ingenious power of the Solo Cam app is that it strips away all of the onscreen controls from your stream. The audience sees only the video feed. No icons.

But you still have camera controls. Double-tap the screen to enable the flash; pinch to zoom in/zoom out, or tap with two fingers to switch camera to mirror-selfie and back.

So why would you use the Solo for your live stream instead of just streaming directly from your phone? The Solo’s bonding of multiple internet connections makes it much more likely that you can keep your stream strong and running smoothly.

When you have the power and reliability of the LiveU Solo and the ease of your iPhone and the Solo Cam app, you can take your live streaming to a whole new level. Go to the app store and download it for free, and you’ll find you can stream anything from anywhere.

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