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vMix and Blackbird in Cloud and Remote Production

Live X Co-Founder Corey Benhke and NHL Director of Broadcast Engineering Taishon Black discuss how vMix--a tool not originally designed for use in cloud production--and Blackbird have become instrumental in their cloud and remote production workflows.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Taishon Black: When it comes to our sessions, like these like zoom callers, remote callers, we've been using vMix, an easy-to-use program, as far as connecting people at different places, having a virtual green room having the ability to just be able to record and do a studio session from your house in your pajamas. It's just really, really nice. I mean, you don't have to be your pajamas. You can be in other clothing, but it's just nice to actually do that all in the base of your living room and just do it very professionally and be able to have a mix minus go to someone. I have to say vMix. As far as my editorial system, it's Blackbird cuz Blackbird. At the NHL, looked at a bunch of different proprietary systems and Blackbird has to be the fastest when it comes to transcoding with their OS on an ad server. We compared it. It's very, very efficient to get us up to the cloud.

Corey Behnke: Nice. Are you utilizing vMix on-prem or vMix in the cloud?

Taishon Black: We're using vMix on-prem.

Corey Behnke: So, to piggyback on what you said, we do as well. We use a ton of vMix. I think we have like 200 vMix licenses or something ridiculous in our company. But we've always used it like a switchblade. It's a great switchblade tool. A Shout-out to vMix and the Australian developers there. We actually have in virtual video control room, the ability to have vMix in the cloud. And what's crazy about vMix in the cloud--you do have to run it with something like Parsec or Teradici, but it's pretty amazing considering the tool was not built for the cloud. So I do want to give a nice plug to vMix.

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