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infiniWing LandingZone Connector Dock for CoreDuo+ MacBook Air

LandingZone, which will be available in a few weeks for $199.00 in two sizes—11" or 13" designs—provides more USB ports than a MacBook Air natively has, offers integrated Ethernet, and doesn't cover up some of the slots that other MacBook Air solutions are less tolerant of.

A new attendee to Macworld—the annual confab that used to be dedicated to all things Macintosh—might be confused by the fact that the show, jointly held with iWorld, was much more about the apps and hardware surrounding iDevices—from the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch—than it was about the eponymously named laptop and desktop computers.

Still, in the midst of all the iDevice covers, keyboards, and apps—from entertainment to productivity—there were a few gems that caught our attention when it comes to streaming media production.

One new product showcased at Macworld 2012 in San Francisco has potential to be a single-stop connector for all your big-screen MacBook Air needs. At least for Core2 Duo machines.

Enter the infiniWing LandingZone

Kitae Kwon, CEO of infiniWing, Inc., proudly showed off the 11" version of his LandingZone product at Macworld 2012.

"You can see that the depressions in the main bar align with the feet of the MacBook Air," Kwon said, pointing to the dimple-like cut-outs on the LandingZone dock as he placed an 11" MacBook Air in position for the dock to work.

Then he flicked the connector bar's oversized handle, driving the USB and other connectors on either side of the MacBook Air into their respective slots.

LandingZone, which will be available in a few weeks for $199.00 in two sizes—11" or 13" designs—mimics all the connectors of a last-generation Core2Duo MacBook Air. Read on to find out about current model MacBook Air devices, which have Thunderbolt connectors instead of mini DisplayPort connectors.

infiniWing LandingZone