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YoloLiv introduces YoloBox Mini

The YoloBox Mini provides the same core functionality as the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro with playback, titles, audio inputs, and multi-destination streaming capability but it uses a smaller 5.5" built-in LCD.

I've reviewed the original YoloBox and the YoloBox Pro compact live-switching/streaming tablets and found them to be quite capable 7" and 8" devices that can handle up to four external cameras (Pro) with other internal media. Key features of the YoloBox are internal camera switching, video playback, audio mixing, titles and other graphics and overlays, and multi-destination streaming.

YoloLiv has announced the new YoloBox Mini, the latest addition to their YoloBox encoder/streamer line. The Mini is for those who want a smaller and more cost-effective solution than the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro, but with similar capabilities. The YoloBox Mini provides the same core functionality with playback, titles, audio inputs, and multi-destination streaming capability but it uses a smaller 5.5" built-in LCD.

Given the smaller size of the unit, it has only one HDMI input, and also has a USB input, which can be used for a webcam, or a HDMI-to-USB converter for two HDMI inputs. You can still input and embed analog audio via mic and line inputs, stream 1080p H.264, and also be able to view the video on a local monitor via the Mini's dedicated HDMI output.

It also features the same fast Qualcomm 660 processor as the YoloBox Pro running an Android-based OS. This means that future updates for the Pro will be applicable to the Mini as well. As I mentioned in my original review, YoloLiv have been quite active in adding new features and addressing user feature requests with new updates coming every few weeks. So you can expect the Mini to continue to get better as well.

The Mini includes the same encoding and streaming features as its bigger brothers, including multi-streaming, RTMP, SD card and USB source data input, logo overlays, lower-third graphics, live comments, a customizable scoreboard, and compatibility with chroma key green screen effects. The display allows you to view picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and split-view screens, and its configuration screen lets you control audio mixing, transitions, as well as set your stream’s bitrate and codec.

Don't forget the built-in WiFI and 4G LTE capability (you provide the sim card and service) making it an all-in-one production and streaming tool. Perfect for on-location production like sports and events, where you can switch between multiple cameras, add titles, graphics, videos, and stream to multiple destinations, right from within the YoloBox mini on top of the camera.

I look forward to getting my hands on one and checking out the new features, including the capability to do 1080p60 (currently 1080p30) which is not yet been added to the other YoloBox models, but is clearly on the way.

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The YoloBox Mini is a compact, single-source streaming encoder and recorder with the ability to do some audio mixing, overlay a sports scoreboard, social media content, logos, and lower-thirds. It's not a multi-camera live-switching tool like the original YoloBox or the YoloBox Pro. I consider it more of a YoloStream than a YoloBox, but this 5" screen device is so compact and light, it certainly is "Mini."
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