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What Holds Your Cloud Productions Together?

Pizazz Chief Problem Solver Jef Kethley discusses how Sienna ND Processing Engine and other tools makes his team's live cloud and remote productions work in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2021.

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Learn more about cloud production at Streaming Media West 2021.

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Anthony Burokas: You've got a source in one place and you're producing it another place. What is the digital glue that you use to connect those two pieces?

Jef Kethley: Oh, without a doubt, our biggest piece of glue, it's a bucket of glue. It's a gallon of glue. It's a barrel of glue. It's the Sienna ND Processing Engine that, in the cloud, is just phenomenal. We love it. It's just so flexible to be able to send any input that you want to receive--whether it be SRT, LRT, RTMP, or NDI--bring it into the Processing Engine, and then we make it happen wherever we need to embed the audio, add lower-thirds, add graphics, add anything to the processing that needs to happen of that signal, and then send it back out. Whether we use the in-built six-channel mixer that's in it, or we pushed that out to a Vizrt VectarPplus, or even vMix or LiveStream Studio sometimes, depending on the destination needs.

Anthony Burokas: Interesting. And then when we were talking with Joe, obviously with his CentralControl, do you find yourself using that as well to control in the cloud? Or are you sort of doing your mixing on-premise with machines that talk to the cloud? How does that work?

Jef Kethley: It depends on the application, though more and more, we're doing every bit of the mixing in the cloud, and we are using definitely using CentralControl, several copies of that. It's fantastic software, and we use it a lot. But we do also use Skaarhoj controllers, which are IP-based. So with a simple VPN tunnel into our cloud infrastructure or site to site, we can do the remote production off the Skaarhoj panel very easily too. But there is something about just grabbing a StreamDeck like I carry around with me, plugging it into the computer, logging in, and you have the same functionality as if you were sitting at your office. It's amazing. Definitely, I would say probably 90% of the time, we work like that.

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