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Video Tutorial: NewBlueFX ColorFast

NewBlueFX ColorFast is a new color correction, color grading, and color enhancement plug-in for Vegas, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, and EDIUS. In this video review/tutorial, we'll work with a piece of footage from a recent project that calls for all three kinds of color adjustment, and show how to accomplish each task in ColorFast.

ColorFast is a new plug-in from NewBlueFX used for color correcting, color grading, and color enhancing. And you may wonder, "What are the differences in those terms?" In this video review/tutorial (see the clip on page 2), we'll work with a piece of footage from a recent project that calls for all three kinds of color adjustment, will illustrate how ColorFast approaches each task.

Color Correction

Color correcting is the process of adjusting the colors in your picture in your video work so that they appear at a normal or correct level. This could be necessary if you shot your footage with incorrect white balance or other camera settings for the environment in which you were shooting. This is a very common problem on shoots that move quickly from an indoor to an outdoor scene-such has on a run-and-gun event shoot-when you haven't had time to rebalance or custom-balance your white balance between locations.

The ColorFast plugins can help correct those color issues.

Color Grading

Color grading uses the very same controls, but the purpose is artistic rather than curative or corrective: the idea is to give your footage a different look. Some popular examples always given are things like television programs like CSI: Miami, a show that has a very specific and consistent look to it no matter which episode you're watching. Movies like Traffic have a very distinct look to them.

In some measure these looks are achieved by using color grading tools to get the look the director desires. You push a certain color; you reduce the saturation of certain colors.

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