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Video Review: Travor MTL-900-II Magic Tube Light

Braintrust Digital's Tim Siglin and Paul Schmutzler extol the merits of the light saber-like Travor MTL-900-II Magic Tube Light as a portable fill light in the Streaming Media booth at Streaming Media East.

In this brief video review, recorded at Streaming Media East 2015 Streaming Media Producer contributors Tim Siglin and Paul Schmutzler of Braintrust Digital disciss the Travor MTL-900-II Magic Tube Light, a new portable, handheld (or tripod/monopod-mountable) fill light that looks more than a little like a lightsaber.

It's adjustable for brightness as well as color temperature, it's remote control-operated, and it runs on a "classic old camcorder battery," the Sony FP550.

The MTL-900-II is available online for $125-150.

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