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Tutorial: Repairing Audio with iZotope RX4 Advanced

In this walkthrough of the latest version of iZotope's powerful audio repair tool, RX4 Advanced, we'll explore the RX4 interface and workflow, and use some of its key capabilities to clean up some persistent hum as it effects both dialogue and music.

This video provides a walk-through of iZotope's new RX4 Advanced ($999), a professional audio repair and sweetening application that's available as a plug-in for popular audio recording solutions, and it's also available as a standalone application.In the tutorial video, I'll be showing you the standalone version of RX4 Advanced, which is what I have installed on my machine.

iZotope offers a range of audio mixing and mastering tools in addition to RX4 Advanced (as well as a more limited audio repair app, RX4); iZotope tools have been used in Grammy-winning music studios and Oscar- and Emmy-winning films and TV shows. iZotope itself has won an Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

On this site, we've looked at the audio clipping functionality in the previous version of the software, iZotope RX3, and also favorably compared its Noise and Echo/Reverb Reduction and Crackle-and-Pop Removal to parallel functionality in Adobe Audition CC. Key new features in RX4 Advanced include EQ Match, in which RX4 identifies the EQ of a source clip and applies it to a target clip; Ambience Match, in which RX4 Advanced replicates the ambient noise environment of a source clip to a target clip; Leveler, a feature that allows you to balance out dialogue and voiceovers at a common level throughout a clip; and a Loudness module that processes program mixes to industry standards.

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In this tutorial, we do a walkthrough of the updated RX4 interface, and work with some mildly problematic audio captured at a recent wedding to explore some of the key capabilities of RX4 Advanced. We'll get rid of some persistent bad frequencies to boost and clear up the vows, and make the music cleaner as well. We'll work with Denoise, the Equalizer, explore profiling, preset creation, and more, to get a good sense of the RX4 workflow and how you can use it efficiently and effectively in your own projects.