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Tutorial: Integnity PhotoMotion After Effects Plug-in

This video tutorial provides a walkthrough of the PhotoMotion Speed and PhotoMotion Pro animation and 3D plug-ins for Adobe After Effects.

This tutorial will introduce you to a new After Effects animation and compositing plug-in called PhotoMotion. Integnity, the British company that developed the plug-in, recently released version 2.0. PhotoMotion 2.0 features two modes, Speed and Pro.

The differences are pretty significant. PhotoMotion Speed, designed for less experienced users, makes it easy to add simple, quick animations to your photos using pre-built projects. PhotoMotion Pro enables you to use all of the bells and whistles of PhotoMotion, including 3D projection and lots of additional animation including 3D text and other 3D elements that you can layer in with your photos.

After Effects experts may not need a tool like this, but if you’re like me and compositing and 2D animation are the weak spots in your skills set, PhotoMotion will help you make some fascinating animations much more easily than you could by going online, finding a tutorial, and figuring out how to do every step of it yourself in After Effects, and teaching yourself along the way. It can help you get things done faster and much more easily.