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The Top 10 Reasons to Attend Nadine Krefetz' "Cloud Streaming Media Tools" Workshop

10 key reasons why you won't want to miss Nadine Krefetz' in-depth online workshop at Streaming Media East Connect, Tuesday, May 26, 3 pm ET/12 pm PT.

On Tuesday, May 26, I’m presenting a live, in-depth, online workshop called Cloud Streaming Media Tools as part of Streaming Media East Connect. In the workshop I’ll walk you through the workflows, key features, and real-world applications of a handful of cloud streaming tools. I picked these products to bring forward certain concepts because I think they solve interesting problems. None of the companies whose products I’ll demo have paid to be part of this. 

While I know three hours of software demos might sound like the definition of pain, here are the top ten reasons you’ll want to join this workshop:

1. Capabilities of Today’s Cloud Tools – These are things you can do now in a SaaS format:

  • Collaborative video editing
  • Live streaming multi-playout management
  • App and channel creation
  • Manage multi-location production approvals
  • Video analysis and metadata creation by AI & ML
  • Churn-busting analytics

2. Interactivity – I’m happy to take questions at any time. This is not a sales pitch.

3. Live demos – I’ll show you these tools’ actual functionality. No smoke and mirrors.

4. Plan B – I will have recorded clips in case there are technical issues.

5. VOD – I’ve arranged to make the entire workshop available to registered viewers afterwards.

6. Organization – I’ll stick to the schedule. I’ll have labeled chapters for the on-demand version so you can go back to something you’re interested in or might have missed.

7. Just Enough – I know just enough about these tools to show you how to use them, but not enough to make them look easier than they are. Each company has trained me for a short time on how their tools work. I’ll show you what you would experience.

8. Insight – I’ll provide business and technical rationale about why I like these tools.

9. Questions - You’ll learn the right questions to ask vendors about these tools if you decide to talk to them or their competitors about cloud streaming tools you need.

10. Real-World Use Cases – We’ll discuss how these tools will make your life easier and save time and costs. All are cloud-based, and virtually all can be used by both small and large companies. These are the use cases we’ll be targeting: 

  • How to use remote video editing tools to create short media clips (from live or on-demand content) which can be edited by one or more people and distributed to multiple social locations in the right formats, whether it’s traditional, square, etc.
  • How to create consumer streaming products, as a website channel or an app--either as a full-fledged product or to test out ideas.
  • How to use a collaborative tool for groups of people to approve video edits.
  • How to take live streaming content and process and output to multiple locations o How to analyze video content using machine learning to create full-text metadata, which can be used for captioning, connecting to search, finding specific objects or topics within video content, flagging prohibited content, sentiment analysis, or automated clip creation.
  • How to understand video viewing analytics to increase viewing and prevent churn
  • How to automatically transcribe audio interviews into text or create podcasts (if we have time).

11. Free coffee

OK, the last one isn’t really true. But the first 10 are guaranteed.

I’m going to try and be as entertaining, informative, and critical as possible.

Register for the workshop here! Use the code SMU50 for a $50 discount, but move fast—there are only 20 discounts available.

Email me at nadinek[at] if you have questions.