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Streaming Media West '15: Introducing the Roland V-1HD

Tim Siglin and Rob Read discuss the V-1HD, Roland's just-announced portable 4 x HDMI input switcher

Tim Siglin: So we're here today at Streaming Media West 2015 Kickoff. We've got Rob Read from Roland. Rob actually had a product that was announced on Monday. Rob, tell us about the product.

Rob Read: Well, it's the V-1HD. It's a four-channel video mixer. Very, very compact. It takes four HDMI inputs. It's got two HDMI outputs. The resolution is selectable from 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. It's got a built-in audio mixer and so you can mix in audio sources from HDMI signals or you can bring an audio from a little audio mixer so you can bring it from external mic sources, things like that. It also has a built-it microphone input as well. If you're just doing standard like this little talking head-type video, you can plug in your audio.

Tim Siglin: Is it two channels of audio per HDMI connector? Four channels of audio?

Rob Read: It's two channels of audio per HDMI connector, so you can mix audio from your HDMI sources.

Tim Siglin: That means if you've got four inputs, four HDMI inputs plus the audio input, the microphone, you have a is it a 10-channel mixer?

Rob Read: It's a 12-channel.

Tim Siglin: A 12-channel. Very good. What does it output the audio to?

Rob Read: Output is to an RCA cable so you can send it to your audio within the facility, or building, or room. It also vents the audio into the HDMI signals so there's outputs that can either be programmed out on the main one and then the secondary one can be selectable to both, preview or program as well.

Tim Siglin: Oh nice, so you can have two program outs if you want.

Rob Read: If you have two program outs. For example, if you want to record and also go to projector in your room or if you want to stream and then record you've got the two HDMI outs with the audio.

Tim Siglin: So if you're going to stream, of course the box itself doesn't have streaming capability. I think you showed me a little Magewell earlier and you just connect that to one of the HDMI outputs. Of course, it carries the embedded audio through USB to a laptop.

Rob Read: Exactly. So just simply using the HDMI out on the back you can go through a Magewell. You can go through a Teradek review or go to an Matrox Monarch, or actually came out with a new box too, it takes HDMI in and an RTMP is directed to your account through them. Has a little on and off switch so if you want to stream you turn it on, you don't want to stream you turn it off.

Tim Siglin: Then what about Remote Control?

Rob Read: Remote Control actually can be done through our free RCS software. It's called Remote Control Software. It comes free, it's either Mac or PC. Plus, we're coming out with an iPad app as well so you can control all the functionality of the V-1HD.

Tim Siglin: On the iPad app, is there an ethernet connection on the box or how do you connect to a network?

Rob Read: Well, you have to connect this up to a computer and then you address it through a USB connection to the iPad.

Tim Siglin: What kind of control will you have on the iPad?

Rob Read: It actually will have every single functionality control that you see on the unit itself. There is a menu that you just hold this button down and connect it to a free monitor. There's about five different menu pages that you can go through and change your white pattern, your effects, your keen, what color you want you your Chromakey or your Luminance keys. You can also go in there and actually change the backlit buttons depending on what colors you want to show. You can customize pretty much anything on the front panel.

Tim Siglin: Nice. All right. Then, of course, the most important question, what's the price?

Rob Read: This is going to be a $995 street price.

Tim Siglin: Wow. When will it be available?

Rob Read: It'll be available mid-December, so we're just a few weeks away from shipping it.

Tim Siglin: Awesome. This has been Rob Read from Roland.